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Home Settlement Martyr's Crossing
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Baandari

Deepswimmer is a Khajiit and Baandari herbalist found at the Martyr's Crossing.

Related Quests[edit]


During Raiders at the Crossing he can found at the lake, hiding from the Troll Ghuomb who just killed most of his companions. After the troll is killed, Deepswimmer can be spoken with.

"This one thought we were troll food!"
Yes. Silver-Paws sent me to find you.
"Ah. Silver-Paws takes care of us. He would have been so proud of Deepswimmer—we made all the poultices he asked for...!
But now so many of us died...Silver-Paws will be sad."
So you have the poultices?
"Yes! They are needed, aren't they? Silver-Paws knew they would be.
The trolls weren't the only threat Deepswimmer found here though. He saw Imperials coming in on boats! This one thinks they will soon raid the crossing again!"
We need to warn the Knight Commander.
"This one agrees. If the way is clear, we will run then.
We will get these poultices back and put the guards on alert! This time, we will be ready for those dungy shaveskins!"
All right. Get going then. I'll be right behind you.

The conversation then ends and Deepswimmer leads his surviving friends, Sena-daro and Ohamatur away.

Deepswimmer: "Run fast friends! Follow Deepswimmer! And don't drop any poultices!"

Once Raiders at the crossing is completed, he can be found at Martyr's Crossing where he thanks you again:

"Deepswimmer doesn't fear alligators, but he fears trolls!
Thanks for saving this one's hide!"