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Location Saintsport
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Deregor is an inspiring Bosmer who is found in Saintsport. He is Crafty Lerisa's first mate, and has been captured by the Sea Drakes. He later joins The Spearhead along with his captain. He shows great respect for his captain and thinks highly of her.

Related Quests[edit]


Like Moths to a Candle[edit]


If you decided to destroy the relic then Deregor will say:

"Was destroying that artifact really the right thing to do? The captain doesn't think so. Still, I'm glad I didn't have to make that decision."


"Well now, a familiar face. How good to see you. Honestly, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm on the wrong ship."
What do you mean?
"The war. I have no love for High Elves, but I hope to take a berth elsewhere soon. As soon as Lerisa has gathered enough money to repair the Maiden's Breath, we will do just that."


He can be found in the Frozen Palms Tavern along with his captain.

"My friend! How good to see you here. Have a drink with us! Help us celebrate!
Telonil worked his magic. We have our own ship. We're a crew again. Soon, we'll be back on the sea."
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