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Dethisam Berendas
Home Settlement Quarantine Serk
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran

Dethisam Berendas is the Dunmer in charge of the town of Serkamora. He is Aerona Berendas's brother.

Related Quests[edit]


Bad Medicine[edit]

Finding Dethisam in the Serk Catacombs:

Aerona Berendas: "Dethisam? My brother, what happened to you?"
Aerona Berendas: "By the Three! I fear the plague consumes you, brother!"
Dethisam Berendas: "Aerona, what are you doing here? It's not safe!"
Aerona Berendas: "The Maulborn attacked us, and the afflicted are turning into plague husks. Oh, Dethisam, this is dreadful!"
Dethisam Berendas: "The Maulborn are spreading the plague. For some reason, they want everyone to become afflicted. They're not healers—they're monsters!"

Talking to Dethisam:

"The Llodos plague ... I have no idea why, but it's clear to me that the Maulborn curative is actually the source of the disease.
Whatever they're planning, you have to stop them."
You need a healer.
"That's not important. Get my sister out of here and stop the Maulborn.
Destroy the so-called curative and put an end to that mad woman, Nostrum Breva."
I don't think Aerona will leave your side.
"Then convince her. I'm too far gone. I don't want to become one of those … things and hurt my sister.
Besides, she's a Redoran. She has a duty to the Serk and its people."
All right, I'll talk to her.
"I'd knew you'd understand. Convince her to leave without me. I don't want her to see what happens next.
I acquired some of the Maulborn poison. A death of my choosing is better than turning into a monster."
No. There's still time to try to help you.
"You're as hard-headed and stubborn as my sister, Vivec damn you! Fine. Do what you must.
But if the unthinkable occur, I expect you to stop me before I hurt anyone."

If you tell Dethisam you're going to save him:

Aerona Berendas: "Dethisam, you s'wit! We're not leaving without you."
Dethisam Berendas: "I hope you know what you're doing. I could become a plague husk at any moment."

Talking to Dethisam before leaving to find a way into the Maulborn production facility:

"Please. Stop the Maulborn and destroy their ability to make more of this damn plague.
Just be careful. The chamber ahead is crawling with an army of plague husks."

Quest For the Cure[edit]

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