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Location Dro-Dara Plantation
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Dro-Dara is a Khajiit retired member of the Mages Guild and a retired member of a band of adventurers found at his ruined estate located just outside the city of Wayrest.

Related Quests[edit]


Old Adventurers[edit]

Once he is rescued in Old Adventurers, Dro-Dara can be found in the small storehouse afterwards.

Dro-Dara:"This one thanks you, stranger. Please, come to meet in the storehouse!"
"Dro-Dara's companions...friends. Dungy bandits would have tied them up like this one.
You found them? You freed them, yes?"
Yes, they are all safe. (If they were found before finding Dro-Dara)
"This is good. Relieves Dro-Dara greatly. Many years we traveled together and many years we worked to make this plantation profitable.
Dro-Dara can abandon plantation. Good friends, he cannot."

Otherwise: (?) (If they haven't all been rescued yet)

Plowshares to Swords[edit]

Dro-Dara has another request:

"So our sweet Breton sister has departed? So considerate!
Bah! Janne always planned to return to the road. This one is not surprised she left. Wish her well. Perhaps this is the way for Dro-Dara also."
You're going to abandon the plantation?
"Why? Is this not what Dro-Dara retired for? Ogres, floods, crocodiles and fun!
"Would you stay? Probably not. Dro-Dara thinks adventuring life is easier after all. Might need help convincing his other friends to leave thought."
I could talk to them for you.
"Ah, this one would be most grateful. After so many years, Dro-Dara just doesn't have the heart to break everyone's dreams.
You could talk to Knarstygg? He'll have better listening if it comes from you anyways."
I'll go talk to Knarstygg now.

Once the player has accepted to help, Dro-Dara can be asked more questions.

"It was a boon from Ban Daar that you happened along.
Was it Janne who asked you to help Dro-Dara and the others?"
Yes, she thinks the plantation is doomed.
"She jhas shared those feelings many times over the years.
After the events of the last few days. Dro-Dara thinks she might be right. Perhaps retirement is just a bad idea."
Will you miss Janne?
"Of course. Janne will always be a good friend. Still has wildness in her blood though. Dro-Dara understands that she needs to roam some.
Perhaps she will join us when her legs grow weary."
She said you used to be a mage.
"Yes. This one was a member of the Mages Guild in good standing for many years. Was tired of casting spells though.
Dro-Dara wanted to settle down and rest, but maybe that just wasn't the fate Riddle'Thar has seen for him.
You have no interest in trying to rebuild?
"Dro-dara is old, and working a farm is hard, especially if starting over. Like Janne, Dro-Dara also misses life of adventure.
If you can convince Knarstygg and Murk-Watcher to leave, this is what Dro-Dara would prefer."

A Predator's Heart[edit]

Dro-Dara can be spoken to again after fulfilling Murk-Watcher's last wish.

"Knarstygg told me what you have done for Murk-Watcher.
Though this seems dangerously unnatural to Dro-Dara, there is no point in questioning it now."
Her last wish was to kill the bandit leader.
"Though Dro-Dara is sad to see Murk-Watcher leave us, he is happy to know this evil man is dead.
Perhaps someday this plantation may flourish again. Not by Dro-Dara's hand though. Knarstygg and I are leaving. Goodbye, and thank you."