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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Destroy the Serpent's army of atronachs.
Zone: Craglorn
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Celestial Investigator — Learn the origins of the atronach army.
Quest Giver: Engariel in Star-Gazers' Observatory;
The Thief at the Proving Grounds Dolmen
Location(s): Haddock's Market, Molavar, Frost Monarch Lair, Storm Lair, Balamath
Prerequisite Quest: The Star-Gazers
Next Quest: The Missing Guardian
Concurrent Quest: The Corrupted Stone, The Warrior's Call, The Shattered and the Lost
Reward: Unstable Element Staff of the Fire
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
The Celestial Thief seeks your help
The Celestial Thief appeared to me and asked for my help discovering why the atronachs that were summoned to destroy the Dark Anchors turned against the mages of Craglorn.
When called to destroy a Dark Anchor in Craglorn, atronachs turned on the mages who summoned them. One mage who escaped believes a Celestial caused it to happen.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the Thief at the Proving Grounds Dolmen.
    Find Kelmen Locke — Free Kelmen Locke from the Greycloak mercenaries.
  2. Find Kelmen Locke in Haddock's Market.
  3. Talk to and free Kelmen Locke.
    Bind the Monarchs — Capture the monarchs that are controlled by the serpent.
  4. Capture the ancient atronachs under the Serpent's control.
  5. Find Kelmen Locke at the ritual site.
    Summon Monarchs — Summon the Flame, Frost, and Storm Monarchs.
  6. Summon the atronachs and hear their story.
  7. Talk to Kelmen Locke.
    Defeat Air Monarch — Find and defeat the Air Monarch.
  8. Kill the air monarch in Balamath.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The slaughtered mages of the summoning circle

Talk to the Celestial Thief at the Proving Grounds Dolmen to get this quest. You need to find Kelmen Locke.

Find Kelmen Locke[edit]

New Task: Find Kelmen Locke — Free Kelmen Locke from the Greycloak mercenaries.

Locke is tied up inside a tower in Haddock's Market. The tower has statues near the top staircase and a Skyshard to the left. When you walk in, the Thief will talk with Locke and walk over to him. You need to speak to Locke, as well.

Kelmen Locke: "Away, phantom! Unless you are here to free me, I will have none of you."
The Thief: "I'm no phantom, Kelmen Locke. I am the Celestial Thief. And you know why I am here."
Kelmen Locke: "Just another bandit then? I've already been robbed blind. There's nothing more to take from me."
The Thief: "The atronachs. The Celestial Mage showed you how to summon them in a dream. Do you remember? Why have they turned against Craglorn?"
Kelmen Locke: "Oh no. No more Celestial Mages and Serpents! I've had enough of all that! I saw what happened to the others and that won't happen to me."
"Who are you? Are you in league with this Thief? I demand that you free me immediately!"
I'll free you if you tell me what you know about the atronachs.
"The atronachs? I don't care to think about those creatures."
"One moment we were summoning them and destroying the Dark Anchors, and the next they turned on us like ungrateful dogs!"
Why did the atronachs turn against you?
"It was terrible! A giant spectral Serpent appeared at the summoning site. We sent the atronachs against it, but they refused to obey us. They killed the others. Coward that I am, I fled. But then I was captured by these common rogues."
How did the Serpent gain control of the atronachs?
"I don't know. But I think I know how to find out. We need to talk to the atronachs directly and ask them what happened."
How can we do that?
"The first atronachs we summoned were ancient. They could communicate, to some extent. They didn't speak, but we heard them in our minds. They commanded the others and we controlled them. With a gem we saw in a dream—the Gem of Celestial Command."

He gives you the gem and says you'll have to fight the atronachs before you can speak to them. Once you've done that, Locke will meet you at the summoning site where you will call on the monarchs, the ancient atronachs. Release him by finishing the conversation.

Task Completed — You freed Kelmen Locke from the Greycloak mercenaries.

Bind the Monarchs[edit]

New Task: Bind the Monarchs — Capture the monarchs that are controlled by the serpent.

All of the monarchs are outside Haddock's Market, close to the Fulminant Anomaly. Magdra Ibrai, the flame monarch, is the most difficult as the Flame Lair is inside Molavar, another delve.

The flame monarch is closest to south of Haddock's Market. Enter Molavar, and make your way to the Flame Lair, being careful to avoid the lava. The door to the Flame Lair is to the left after the first room of enemies, but before the steps up to the Molavar boss, the Charnel Cage. Defeat Magdra Ibrai.

The lair of Nomeg Ozal, the frost monarch, is in the north. It is almost directly north of Molavar, close to Inazzur's Hold Wayshrine. Enter the Frost Monarch Lair through a dark door with skull carvings, almost carved into the mountainside. Defeat the ice wraiths, then defeat Nomeg Ozal.

The storm monarch is east of Haddock's Market. Enter the Storm Lair through a door in the gray rocks. Make your way past the lightning imps and down the stairs. Defeat Zymel Mirapharrus.

Task Completed — You defeated and bound the Fire, Frost, and Storm Monarchs.

The Atronach Ritual[edit]

"Balamath? I know that place. It's an Ayleid ruin. Thank you. You are dismissed."

The ritual site is near Elinhir. Use the three red focus crystals to summon the atronachs.

New Task: Summon Monarchs — Summon the Flame, Frost, and Storm Monarchs.

Listen to what they have to say, then talk to Kelmen Locke.

Nomeg Ozal: "You are not our master. We do not serve mortal flesh."
Kelmen Locke: "Who do you serve?"
Magdra Ibrai: "The Mage. She created us. Imbued us with thought. But she has fallen, corrupted by the Serpent who crawls on his belly."
Kelmen Locke: "You mean the Celestial Mage? The Serpent controls the Mage? How is that possible?"
Zymel Mirapharrus: "Trickery. Deceit. And once he controlled her, he turned her power against us and enslaved us."
Kelmen Locke: "Why go to all this trouble?"
Nomeg Ozal: "Because that is what the Serpent does. He has used the Mage to create a new monarch. One with all of our powers. One made of pure air."
Kelmen Locke: "Where can we find this new monarch?"
Magdra Ibrai: "We do not know. All we remember is a name. Balamath."
Kelmen Locke: "Balamath? I know that place. It's an Ayleid ruin. Thank you. You are dismissed."
Zymel Mirapharrus: "Defeat the Serpent's abomination. Defeat the Monarch of Air and we will tell our master of your kindness."
Task Completed — You summoned and listened to the monarchs.
"This is very bad news. The Serpent used the monarchs and their power to create a new atronach—one with the ability to take on the elements of the other atronachs."
How did he do that?
"I'm not one to speculate on the powers of the Celestials, but it seems he manipulated the Mage somehow. That's not in our power to correct at the moment, but we can try to find this new atronach—an air atronach, the monarchs called it."
Do we bind it?
"No, binding won't work. The air monarch was created from the power of three monarchs. It's too powerful. It must be destroyed. The monarchs said it could be found at a place called Balamath."

Defeat the Air Monarch[edit]

Defeat the dangerous air monarch in Balamath
New Task: Defeat Air Monarch — Find and defeat the Air Monarch.

Head to Balamath. Parel Nirus, the air monarch, is inside Balamath Hall. Defeat him, then head outside.

Task Completed — You defeated the Air monarch.

You find Kelmen Locke standing outside with the Celestial Thief.

Kelmen Locke: "You know, it's very unsettling the way you pop in and out like that."
The Thief: "I wouldn't be a very good Thief if I couldn't come and go as I please."
Kelmen Locke: "Well, I've done what you asked of me. Are you satisfied?"
The Thief: "You have done well and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks to you, the Star-Gazers now understand the nature of the atronach threat and how to stop it."

Talk to Kelmen for a reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Elemental Army
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should travel to the Proving Grounds Dolem in Craglorn and learn what happened to the mages.
Objective: Investigate the Proving Grounds Dolmen
The Celestial Thief appeared before me at the Proving Grounds Dolmen in Craglorn. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to the Thief
Latest start I should talk to the Thief to learn where to find Kelmen Locke.
Objective: Talk to the Thief
The Thief spoke of Kelmen Locke, a sorcerer who may know something about the atronachs. He was captured by dangerous mercenaries who plan to turn him over to the Serpent. They are holding him in Haddock's Market.
Objective: Find Kelmen Locke
I found Kelmen Locke being held by Greycloak mercenaries at Haddock's Market. I should talk to him about taking control of the atronachs.
Objective: Talk to Kelmen Locke
Kelmen Locke has given me a gem that will allow me to bind three of the monarch atronachs. He believes they will be able to tell us how the Celestial Serpent gained control of the atronachs.
Objective: Defeat the Flame Monarch
Objective: Defeat the Frost Monarch
Objective: Defeat the Storm Monarch
I defeated and bound the monarch atronachs. I should meet Kelmen Locke at the summoning site.
Objective: Find Kelmen Locke at Ritual Site
I should use the foci at the ritual site to consult with the monarch atronachs about the Serpent's plans.
Objective: Summon the Frost Monarch
Objective: Summon the Flame Monarch
Objective: Summon the Storm Monarch
I should listen as Kelmen Locke talks to the summoned atronachs.
Objective: Listen to the Atronachs
The monarchs confirmed that there is a fourth atronach, created by the Serpent. I should talk to Kelmen Locke about this news.
Objective: Talk to Kelmen
The Serpent has created an atronach that draws on the powers of the other three. I should find and defeat the monarch air atronach, created by the Serpent.
Objective: Kill the Air Monarch
☑Finishes quest I defeated the Serpent's monarch air atronach. I should speak to Kelmen Locke.
Objective: Talk to Kelmen