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Pit Fighting promoter Crottus "Thumbs-Down" Lycus built this private arena atop the haunted ruins of Molavar because the land was cheap, and what could go wrong? He vanished mysteriously some time ago, and now his unique Arena Home is back on the market.
Player House:
Elinhir Private Arena
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Elinhir RegionCraglorn
West of Molavar
House Prices
Unfurnished 1200012,000 Crowns
Furnished 1500015,000 Crowns
House Stats
Type Notable
Size Manor
Style Colovian Imperial
Traditional Furnishings 350 (ESO Plus700)
Special Furnishings (?) (ESO Plus0)
Collectible Furnishings 5 (ESO Plus10)
Special Collectibles 5 (ESO Plus10)
Player Cap 24
Upon entering the Elinhir Private Arena

The Elinhir Private Arena is a notable player house in eastern Craglorn. As the name suggests, this house is centered around a fighting arena, which is equipped with a lava pit in the middle and switches to activate lava, lightning, and blade traps. A compact two story house connects onto a veranda with views of the lava flow.

Base Furnishings[edit]

Conservatory (16)
Boulders and Large Rocks (8)
Trees (8)
Lighting (30)
Braziers (8)
Lightposts (5)
Sconces (17)


Includes the above (minus a few items), in addition to:

Conservatory (-2)
Boulders and Large Rocks (-2)
Saplings (7)
Trees (-7)
Dining (33)
Benches (13)
Chairs (10)
Counters (5)
Tables (5)
Gallery (21)
Mounted Decor (1)
Paintings (9)
Thrones (2)
Hearth (16)
Baskets and Bags (3)
Cabinetry (3)
Dishes (1)
Drinkware (1)
Laundry (3)
Stockroom (5)
Library (9)
Desks (1)
Shelves (8)
Lighting (11)
Candles (5)
Fires (1)
Sconces (5)
Parlor (16)
Rugs and Carpets (9)
Tapestries (1)
Tea Tables (5)
Vases (1)
Suite (9)
Bedding (1)
Dressers (2)
Nightstands (1)
Trunks (1)
Wardrobes (4)
Workshop (17)
Cargo (15)
Stools (2)