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Location Bonesnap Ruins
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Lion Guard

Elise is a Breton member of the Lion Guard and part of the team found in the Bonesnap Ruins.

Related Quests[edit]


"Quiet! Don't talk. I have to listen. I have to get back to the dream."
I'm here to help. Follow me.
"No. I have to stay here. This is my punishment. I shouldn't have touched the totem. I doesn't matter what I thought. I was wrong!
And the voice says I have to stay. It's not so bad. I can sleep. And dream.
[Intimidate] Is this what the noble Lion Guard have come to? Leave at once! This is disgraceful.
Come with me
"By the King's Shaft! You've made it mad. Run!"

Once Zix is driven away, Elise can be spoken with again.

"How did I get this far into the ruins?
The Goblin totem! Where is it? I need it!"
I'll bring the fragment to Gaston. You should leave.
"Who...who are you?"
Sir Edgard sent me to handle the situation.
"I...very well.
You fought that creature off, but you realize there's a small Goblin army in this ruin? You know what you're signing up for?"
Yes. Gaston asked me the same. Leave this to me.
"Then try not to die.
That Welkynd Stone is our only hope of containing this creature. You have my thanks."

Once the totems have been recovered Elise can be found back with the rest of the soldiers.

"The Lion Guard is in your debt, stranger.
I am in your debt."

She has more things to say once Lost Lions is completed.

"I am in your debt, stranger.
Fare you well."