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Location Outside Glister Vale
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Eminelya is an Altmer member of Queen Ayrenn's entourage looking for her missing friends. She can be found at her camp near Glister Vale.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Depths of Madness[edit]

She can be heard calling, "What will I do? What will I do?" Talking to her, she'll say,

"What am I going to do? They've been taken!"
Are you all right? Who's been taken?
"The Queen's entourage. They were taken right out of our camp.
A madman—a mage—teleported them away. The look in his eye!"
Do you know where the mage took them?
"He cackled something about the Vale. It lies just beyond this cave. I've tried to summon up the nerve. But I just can't.
Will you go after them? I have these teleportation scrolls. You could use them, get everyone out."
Give me the scrolls. I'll take care of this.

You can ask Eminelya questions about the entourage before heading into the Vale.

"I hope you can find them. Ayrenn, the Queen. She'll be so worried."
Why were you and the Queen's entourage out here?
"We were in transit. Ayrenn. Her Majesty, I mean. She's taking a tour of the realm, and her closest advisors travel with her."
The Queen's not here, is she?
"No, she. Well, she's a faster traveler than the members of her entourage.
Minantille has gotten a bit soft since leaving the military. Nuulehtel isn't very confident on a horse. And Merion won't keep his hands to himself. Makes travel difficult."
Do you know who that Mage was?
"I'm not sure. His face seemed familiar, somehow? Maybe, a few years ago? During the signing ceremony?
Sorry. I'm terrible with names."

After you have saved the entourage members and dealt with the mage, you can use the last teleport scroll to return to Eminelya's camp.

"You've done it! The rest of the lady's entourage has gone on ahead. Did you deal with the mad man?"
Yes. I took care of him. He was a mage named Sanessalmo.
"Sanessalmo? Now that name I remember. Used to be a member of the Queen's inner circle!
You have my deepest gratitude for your service today. I'll be sure the Queen learns of your bravery."

Complete the quest and receive the Kilt of the Fractured Mind.

Once you receive your reward you can ask her what she knew about Sanessalmo.

"I'm sure Ayrenn herself would thank you, were she here."
You recognize his name? Who was he?
"As I said, he used to be a member of the Queen's inner circle. He knew Merion, Minantille and the rest very well. Until he was expelled."
Why was he thrown out?
"I'm trying to remember. This was a bit ago, around the signing of the Aldmeri Dominion charter. If I recall correctly, his wife left him.
There was an investigation, something about the experiments he was conducting."
Experiments? Like emotional manipulation?
"Yes! You've got it. That was it—he was casting spells to manipulate emotions in others. That kind of control over another persons [sic] mind. It was driving him insane, I think.
Yech. Glad you took care of that one."