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Location Northwest of Elden Root
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Alchemist

Enthoras is a Bosmer alchemist who can be found at his booth on the road leading northwest from Elden Root. His relationship to customs officials seems not to be the very best.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Rare Imports[edit]

You can pick up an advertisement that will direct you to him, or you can get the quest directly from him. Either way, he'll say:

"You look like someone who seeks to travel while earning honest coin! Would you like to hear about a great opportunity for both of these ambitions?"
Tell me about this great opportunity.
"It's simple really, I need someone to travel to Redfur Trading Post and inquire about my lost shipment with Aranecarne, the customs clerk. It's incredibly late and the alchemist| that ordered it is not the most patient of clients."
I could inquire about the shipment for you.
"Grand! If you could, pick up the shipment and bring it back to me. I'd go myself, but Aranecarne and I … well, we're not on the best of terms. A misunderstanding, but hazardous to my health. Tell her you're there for 'Treeshade Imports.""
If I find the lost shipment. I'll bring it back to you.
"The customs clerk in Redfur Trading Post should be able to help you locate my shipment. The client is … not a patient woman, so do hurry."

Track down the shipment and return to Enthoras.

"My trusty courier! Did you have an exciting trip?"
I found your lost shipment in Redfur Trading Post.
"Was it the import taxes again? I thought I paid those weeks ago. I was hoping that would hasten the process. My client is not exactly a patient woman, and I do not wish to upset her."
It was confiscated for public safety.
"What! Why? This is incredible. It's just common mushrooms and kwama jelly from Stonefalls, nothing too exotic. Did you examine it? Does it seem … dangerous?"
When I picked it up, I was attacked by a kwama.
"Kwama? No, this is no good. I don't need that here with all my other fragile shipments! Look, can you run this out to Alyxe right away? She'll have your payment. And try not to stare at her, she's … easily distracted."

Go to the client and receive your reward. If you talk to Enthoras after the quest, he'll say, "Thank you for tracking down that shipment, friend. If another opportunity opens up, I know I can count on you."


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