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Eviscerators are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using melee abilities. They are usually equipped with a shield and a one-handed weapon.

Types of Eviscerators[edit]

Location Name Race Gender Health
Viridian Watch Curnard the Generous Redguard Male 119538
Bangkorai Garrison Commander Attius Imperial Male 149590
Grandeya's Palace Maradem Redguard Male 146590
The Grotto of Depravity Nerazakan Dark Seducer Female 146590

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Dragonknight Standard[edit]

This will be cast at the start of the fight, if the target is not already standing within an already cast one. The attack is a circular AoE and causes persistent Flame Damage.

Blink Strike[edit]

An Attack formally known as focused charge, the Eviscerator will teleport towards their target and cause damage.

Quick Strike[edit]

A basic melee attack that does minor Physical Damage.

Low Slash[edit]

A Physical attack which also has a chance of snaring their opponent.

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