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Fanisea Saram
Traveling Merchant
Location Vvardenfell
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Traveling Merchant
Fanisea Saram

Fanisea Saram is a Dunmer traveling merchant who travels the road to and from Gnisis and Balmora with her pet guar Peony.


  • "Ah, I always love to help a spirited traveler such as yourself. Surely, you need something to help you on your journey?"
  • "I'm sure a rugged individual such as yourself has no problem taking care of themselves, but perhaps my goods can be of some help?"
  • "My, my, I'm about to invite you to camp with me tonight. Too bad old Peony doesn't take too kindly to strangers. Care to look at my wares?"
  • "I meet the most interesting people during my travels. And the most attractive, of course. Now, what would you like to buy?"