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Farseer Bodani
Home Settlement Vale of the Ghost Snake
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mabrigash Tribe
Farseer Bodani

Farseer Bodani is a Dunmer member of the Mabrigash Tribe who can be found in the Vale of the Ghost Snake in southern Deshaan. She is considered a leader among her tribe and helps them through trade negotiations with House Hlaalu as well as assisting with your goal of attaining the approval of the Ghost Snake. She is the recipient of a letter from Marinisuu. She asks you to assist in the negotiations, after receiving a vision from the Ghost Snake. You must first prove yourself to the tribe, however.

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Trade Negotiations[edit]

The farseer will come out of her yurt after the ghosts enter the village.

Farseer Bodani: "What madness is this, restless spirits? Why have you left the sanctity of the Coiled Path?"
Farseer Bodani: "Be calm, spirits. Trust in the wisdom of the Ghost Snake."
Raston Vendil: "This is an outrage! I want to speak to the man in charge of this tribe, you crazy woman!"
Farseer Bodani: "Another outsider! But this one ... I have seen this one in my visions. We must speak."
"I'm not sure if I should welcome you or curse you."
I'm here on behalf of the Hlaalu traders. They're worried about Raston.
"This fool has pestered our hunters, importuned our Wisewomen, and insulted me by demanding to speak to the man in charge of our tribe.
I brook no challenges to my authority or disruptions to the Vale."
What are you going to do with him?
"I was going to take him to the Ghost Snake, but all that changed when you arrived.
I have seen a vision of you upon the Coiled Path. You have a role to play in deciding the fate of this man and our Vale."
You want me to decide Raston's fate then?/You want me to decide Raston's fate?
"There is something unusual about you. I sense it and certainly the Ghost Snake knows of you.
Talk to this man. Take his measure. Then speak to me when you're ready to face the trial of the Ghost Snake."

The Trial of the Ghost Snake[edit]

After speaking with Raston you can return to Bodani, who will state that the merchant's fate entirely depends on you. She will then ask that you complete her clan's ritual and speak with the Ghost Snake:

"And what do you think of that … man?"
I don't think the merchant meant to offend anyone.
"Yet he managed to offend and insult nearly everyone. My visions tell me that you will decide this man's fate, as well as the fate of my tribe.
You will walk the Coiled Path and seek counsel with the Ghost Snake. "
What do I need to do?
"Follow the Coiled Path to the Fang Spires. Collect exactly eight Bog Rats along the way to make a proper offering.
Few ever reach the Spires. Serpentbound ghosts will challenge you every step of the way. They already sense your presence."
I'll bring the offering to the Fang Spires.
"The vision I had was strong. Your choices determine the fate of merchant and Mabrigash alike. But you must speak to the Ghost Snake.
The Coiled Path begins just outside the village. But know that the Serpentbound will block your way."
Can you tell me more about the offering?
"Do not question the will of the Ghost Snake! Besides, that's exactly the number of rats that fit in the bag I gave you.
More than that, I cannot say. The mystery of the sacred number is not for the ears of an outsider.

If you speak with her afterwards, she will remind you about the trial:

"Don't you have a Coiled Path to walk?"

Returning from the Fang Spires after communing with the Ghost Snake:

"You walked the Coiled Path and survived! Has the Ghost Snake spoken?"
The Ghost Snake says that you must decide for yourselves.
"Ghost Snake is wise but inscrutable. I had hoped he would demand that we bring the merchant to him.
It's no coincidence that you arrived at the same time as the merchant. You are bound up in this. You must help us decide."
What do you want me to do?
"I crafted a Snake Totem representing the entwined fates of the Mabrigash and the merchant. Get it from my tent.
I will have the merchant brought here."

After you've collected the totem:

"A decision must be made. Our fate depends upon it."
Here's the totem. Now what?
"Now you must choose. If the Mabrigash are to remain isolated, place the totem in the fire. If we are to change our ways and trade with the Hlaalu, give the totem to the merchant."
What happens to Raston if I burn the totem?
"He will remain in the Vale, serving the Ghost Snake."
Would it be so bad for the Mabrigash to become less isolated?
"I know only that it will change us. Whether for good or ill, only time will tell."
I don't know what to do.

Speaking to her again:

"Seek guidance where you would. Speak to my people, the merchant, or even the merchant's assistant, if you wish.
But then you must choose."

Speaking to her after consulting the others:

"Our fate rests in your hands."
I've made a decision.
"By your next action, our fate will be sealed.
If the Mabrigash are to grant access to the Vale, give the totem to the merchant. If we are to remain isolated, tending the Vale without outside interference, burn the totem in the fire."

If you decided to to throw the totem in the fire, she will thank you for your advice:

"It is done."
I'm not sure you'll always be able to remain isolated.
"Your choice satisfies me. Raston will serve the Ghost Snake well.
You have my thanks for your sage counsel."

After giving the totem to Raston, but before ending the quest:

"And so it is done."

Once you have come to a decision, she will welcome you to visit the clan again:

"You are named clan friend of the Mabrigash, and you are welcome in the Vale."