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Fighters Guild
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Aldmeri Dominion
Malabal Tor
Velyn Harbor
The Velyn Harbor Fighters Guild

The Velyn Harbor Fighters Guild is a guildhall in Velyn Harbor housing the local branch of the Fighters Guild. It is a two-story building with an outdoor training area.

When you arrive to Velyn Harbor for the first time, it is being attacked by Ra Gada forces and a group of Drublog Orcs. During the invasion the guildhall is barricaded and kept safe with the help of the Fists of Thalmor. The building is accessible, but of all the members only Lindel is here, trying to make sense of the situation. Several members of the Fists of Thalmor are here, tending to wounded Velyn Harbor Militia fighters. The Fighters Guild services become available only after the successful completion of the One Fell Swoop quest during which you need to liberate Velyn Harbor from the invaders.

Once the city is liberated, most of the residents can be found on the ground level, either tending to their stalls or warming around the fire. Upstairs is set up as a resting area with several bunk beds. Two skill books can be read here: Aura of the Righteous on Templar class skills and Folly in Fixation on Heavy Armor. Outside, Corporal Anerel supervises militia fighters training with the dummies and archery targets determined to keep their city safe after your departure.

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Resident and Merchants[edit]

Several members of the Fists of Thalmor and Velyn Harbor Militia can be found on the premises.

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