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First Mate Jalan
Location On the Winsome Lass in the Lost Fleet
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
First Mate Jalan

First Mate Jalan is a Khajiit sailor and the first mate of Captain One-Eye. He will have scouted ahead can be found trying to break into the shipwreck, Winsome Lass in the Lost Fleet.

Related Quests[edit]


Once Captain One-Eye sends you to look for Jalan and the rest of the crew, he can be found by himself.

You about scared me out of my pelt. At least there's flesh on your face. Where did you come from?"
Your captain sent me to find you.
"Oh, she did, did she? And where were you when my crew was being killed by walking skeletons?
No matter. It's just you and me now. You, me, and this door. And the door is stuck."
Can you get it open?
"Oh, aye—but it'll make a lot of noise. Likely to attract more of those bony swabs.
Tell you what. I'll work on the door if you'll keep the bone-boys off me. Deal?"
I'll protect you.

While you protect him from the waves of skeletons, Jalan will grumble out loud as he opens the hatch.

First Mate Jalan: "Open, you blasted hatch!"
First Mate Jalan: "Just a little more!"
First Mate Jalan: "Namiira take it!"
First Mate Jalan: "Budge, blast you!"
First Mate Jalan: "Got it! Meet you inside."

Once you go inside, Jalan will be rummaging through the treasure.

First Mate Jalan: "I was starting to hope you weren't coming in. Look at all this treasure!"
<A dark red glow will appear around him.
First Mate Jalan: "Wait, what's happening? I feel … strange."
First Mate Jalan: "My skin! My fur! What, what—aargh!"
Lost Fleet Admiral: "Fools can't resist cursed treasure! Now you are mine to control. Kill the intruder!"
Cursed First Mate Jalan
Location Inside the Winsome Lass
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
First Mate Jalan as a Skeleton

Jalan will have been transformed into a skeleton by the ghostly Lost Fleet Admiral and he will try to kill you.


  • Despite being a Khajiit, he transforms into a non-Khajiit skeleton.