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Help a former constable investigate her suspicious replacement.
Zone: Rivenspire
Objective: Fell's Run — Help restore peace to the town of Fell's Run.
Quest Giver: Constable Agazu
Location(s): Fell's Run
Next Quest: Fell's Justice
Reward: High Leveled Gold
Constable Agazu says the mayor of Fell's Run fired her for no reason and appointed a new constable. She says all the townspeople are acting strange as well, but no one's talking. She wants me to help find out what's going on.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Constable Agazu near the bridge leading to the town.
  2. Talk to the townsfolk.
  3. Discuss what to do next with Agazu.
  4. Find a way to distract the bailiff and search his room.
  5. Speak to Agazu and rescue the hostages.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Frightened Folk
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should talk to people around town and try to gather any clues as to what they might be hiding.
Objective: Talk to Townsfolk to Investigate
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Miller
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Mayor
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Jeweler
Hidden Objective: Talk to Gaspard
Objective Hint: Find Gaillard
Objective Hint: Search House
I found a note from Bailiff Sagabar to Constable Gavendien referring to hostages being held at an unknown location. I should find Agazu in the inn and show her the note.
Objective: Bring the Note to Constable Agazu
Agazu suggests I find a way to distract Bailiff Sagabar so that I can slip a sleeping draught into his mug. Then I can follow him into his room and search for clues as to where they're holding the hostages.
Objective: Distract Bailiff Sagabar
Hidden Objective: Talk to Georgia Matine
Objective Hint: Persuade Sagabar to Talk to the Barmaid
Hidden Objective: Talk to Dran the Trickster
Objective Hint: Summon a Banekin to Scare Sagabar
Bailiff Sagabar is distracted. Now I can slip the sleeping draught into his mug.
Objective: Pour the Sleeping Draught into Sagabar's Mug
Objective Hint: Wait for Sagabar to Drink the Sleeping Draught
Thanks to the influence of the sleeping draught, Bailiff Sagabar is now passed out in his room. I should go in and search for clues as to where they're holding the hostages.
Objective: Search Sagabar's Room
Orders from Gavendien reveal that the hostages are being held at an old mill north of town. I should share this information with Constable Agazu.
Objective: Talk to Constable Agazu
I should go to the old mill south of town and rescue the hostages. A thug named Bulzog is guarding them.
Objective: Rescue the Hostages
Hidden Objective: Kill the Guard
☑Finishes quest When I freed the hostages, the mayor's wife revealed that Gavendien orchestrated all this to steal a parcel of jewels. I should hurry back to town and warn Constable Agazu so we can try to stop him.
Objective: Talk to Constable Agazu
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