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Home Settlement Belkarth
Location Star-Gazers' Observatory
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Star-Gazers

Hara is a Redguard Star-Gazer who can be found on the ground floor of the Star-Gazers' Observatory in Belkarth. She is the one who summons you to Belkarth to further The Star-Gazers quest.

Though one of the newest members, Hara is very knowledgeable about the recent Celestial threat and has led the Star-Gazers in many of their missions. According to Muhay at-Naruk, she came out of the desert one day speaking of a prophecy about the stars falling from the sky and The Serpent letting loose on the world, which helped Belkarth protect itself from attackers.

Related Quests[edit]


The Star-Gazers[edit]

Once inside, find Hara:

"Speak quickly. I am very busy and our Order is stretched to the breaking point."
I understand you've been having some problems. I'm here to help.
"Of course. I'm sorry. You've come to help us, and I'm being rude.
I need to know the situation. Tell me what's going on here.
Hara performs the ritual for you to join the Star-Gazers
"Then I'll start from the beginning. A short while ago, the three guardian signs—the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief—vanished from the night sky."
What happened?
"I wish I knew. I've studied the stars my whole life. I've heard them speak—but now they're silent. It's eerie.
All I know is when the guardians disappeared, three powerful beings started attacking Craglorn. They call themselves the Celestials."
The Celestials?
"I don't know. It's not a name I'd ever heard before.
Two of the Celestials identify themselves as the Warrior and the Mage. The third, strangely, calls himself the Serpent—after the thirteenth constellation. The Thief is nowhere to be found."
What do you need me to do?
"The Star-Gazers consists of scholars who are no match for the current threat. We need champions to face the Warrior, the Mage, and the Serpent. And, if possible, to find the Thief.
Join us. Be our strong arm, our sharp sword against the Celestials."
I'll join you.
"Thank you. We have a lot of work to do. But first, you must become an official member of our order.
Enter the circle of stars and accept our blessing.
Let me think about it.
"Of course. But don't take too long. The Guardian stars have protected Tamriel for centuries. How long can we last without their favor?"

Once you are back in the Observatory, return to Hara:

"The stars have accepted you. I just hope it is not too late.
Volumes of prophecy have been written about the stars, but not even the oracles foresaw these events."
Where should I start?
"Gather allies before you leave the city. You'll need loyal friends to face the armies of the Warrior, the Mage, and the Serpent.
Return to me each time you learn something new. I will use what you learn to devise a plan to defeat the Celestials."

When you speak to her after completing The Star-Gazers, she will say, "It appears that the Serpent has gathered the bulk of his forces in the mountainous region to the north and sealed himself within. So much the better. That gives us a chance to learn what we can about this threat and plan a defense."

The Missing Guardian[edit]

In the Private Quarters of the Observatory:

Hara: "Time is not on our—"
Titus Valerius: "Hara! What's wrong?"
Nazdura: "Hara! What have you done to her?"
Titus Valerius: "Nothing! Something just came over her. Hara, what can we do?"
Hara: "He found me... you must..."
Nazdura: "Who found you? Who is doing this to you?"
Hara: "Find the ruins... Reinhold's Retreat... Hidden there... you must..." (Disappears)

Within the Star-Gazer Sanctuary of Reinhold's Retreat, Hara is held captive by the Serpent's Corruption. During the fight with the snake, she will turn into her Celestial form and gain the title "The Celestial Thief, yelling out:

"You always underestimated the will of the true heroes of this world, Malazar! Witness the foreshadowing of your doom!
These mortals will see to it that your chaos is undone. We will reunite the Guardians, and you will be banished once more!"
Hara reveals herself as the Celestial Thief

Once you've defeated it, Hara will descend from her prison and take on a more familiar form.

Kelmen Locke: "Could it really be…?"
Titus Valerius: "Hara… You? All along?"
Hara: "It had to be this way. But the time for deception is ended. Now is the time for action."

Speak to her and she will say:

"The ruse is dropped, and the thief emerges from the shadows. You see the truth.
Forgive me. I wore the guise of Hara because I didn't know who to trust, but neither could I rest while the Serpent preyed on the other Guardians."
You were the Thief the whole time. You appeared to me and helped me. Why didn't you trust me?
"I'm sorry. The Serpent is a deceiver by nature. I couldn't be sure.

When the other Guardians fell, I had to react quickly. I suspected that the Serpent was using our Apex stones against us, so I secreted mine to this ruin for safekeeping.

I see. But why pose as a mortal?
"The Serpent is cunning, but he has his blindspots. He does not value the strength or cleverness of mortals.
Taking the form of Hara, a mortal, allowed me to find champions—like you—to join the fight against the Serpent, while eluding his gaze."
Now what?
"We should return to Belkarth. There is still much to do, if we're to free the other Guardians and stop the Serpent. But I'm done hiding. The Star-Gazers deserve to know the truth.
I can transport you back to the city if you wish."
I'm ready. Take me back to Belkarth.

At the Star-Gazer Observatory:

"I can't thank you enough. You trusted me, even when I'd failed to show the same trust in you.
I won't make that mistake again. From here forward, we must work together closely if we're to defeat the Serpent."
What happens now?
"We've sent the Serpent reeling, but he will strike again.
We need to use this time to prepare our forces and free the Mage and the Warrior. The Serpent can only be defeated through the combined efforts of all three guardians."

Speaking to her after completing the quest and she will say:

"Use this time to gather your allies, sharpen your skills and hone your reflexes.

We've won a great victory, but the war has only just begun. When the time is right to go on the offensive against the Serpent, I will call for you to lead us.

The Shattered and the Lost[edit]

"Now how did I know it was you who was helping the aspects?
They convinced me that they are what they say they are. The time has come to restore what was shattered and lost."
So you're going to help them?
"I will do what I can. We can't allow the Serpent to control both the Mage and the Warrior. We need the guardians—all three of them—if we have any hope of defeating the Serpent."
So what do we do?
"This Seeker's Sight they gave you. Is it fully restored?'
I gathered it's missing gems and charged them with magicka.
"Then place it within the star map and let's see what it can show us."