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Hermaeus Mora
(lore page)
Location The Vile Manse, Bisnensel, Ilmyris, The Seeker's Archive
Race Daedric Prince Gender Varies
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Primeval Seekers
Hermaeus Mora in Craglorn

Hermaeus Mora is the Daedric Prince of Fate and Forbidden Knowledge. For more information see the lore page.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Sunken Knowledge[edit]

After defeating Lorelia in Bisnensel, Hermaeus Mora will appear hovering over the shrine. He will be pleased that you stopped the nereid's transgression against nature.

"So you are the one the tides of fate carried here to stop this trangression.
I had watched this pathetic spirit's attempt to avoid her fate with some amusment … but I knew it would eventually have to come to an end."
Why didn't you just stop her yourself?
"Where would be the fun in that?
The individual yarns of fate do not concern me. It is the tapestry they weave that I watch and record. All threads, even yours, only make up a small part of the whole."
So you know my fate?
"I do. I can see your future … and your past. The yarn of your life is interesting, perhaps even amusing, one might say.
It's spun from a strong thread, to be sure, but all threads will eventually run out."
Can you tell me anything about my future?
Why did you summon your followers here?
"I did no such thing. Like moths to flame, my followers are simply drawn to dark mysteries, and this one was simply irresistible for them.
It's a wonder more of them didn't die."
You don't care whether your followers live or die?
"No. Why would I?"
If there's nothing more, then I will go.
"Yes. That is what you will do.
First though, I have something for you. A gift, you might say."
Is this gift something I actually want?
"Whether you want it or not is irrelevant. I like to reward those who amuse me, and this is your reward.
You will take it."

After accepting Mora's gift, you can speak with the Daedric Prince once more though he will be annoyed.

"Do you dare to ask more of me?"
I wish to leave this shrine. (You will be teleported outside to the ruin's entrance.)

The Waking Dreamer[edit]

Upon activating the Mysterious Tome, Hermaeus Mora will appear and address you:

"So another of you comes seeking Hermaeus Mora, and that is me. Perhaps you will prove greater than Graccus. He holds the Oghma Infinium, where lies the beginning of knowledge. Yours if you slay him. Find the descent to the caves below. He is there."

When you reach the large hole in the cellars and drop down into the flooded caverns, Mora will again appear:

"Down the tunnels, in the ruins of the swallowed city: that is where you will find Graccus, and the Oghma Infinium. Prove yourself his better, and take it. He was once a promising subject, but he will never be an Ageless One. Perhaps you will."

After defeating Graccus, you must then reclaim the Oghma Infinium. When it is activated, the book will disappear and Hermaeus Mora will appear in its place, and you must then speak to him to complete the quest:

"And so the Infinium becomes mine again. As it always does.
You performed well against Graccus."
Where is the Oghma Infinium?
"Safely returned to its home in Apocrypha. I would not risk you against its secrets.
But I will not leave you empty-handed."

He rewards you with leveled gold and the Discourse Amaranthine memento, a book that when used, will temporarily summon a vision of Hermaeus Mora. You have the option of asking hinm some questions.

"You have proven most useful, unlike many before you."
What are these ruins?
"These ruins under the manse vile are the remains of a city of Mer twice forgotten. Here, the children of Auri-El trifled with knowledge that was beyond them. The dirt swallowed them.
Their descendants tried to rebuild, but then came Graccus."
You said the Oghma Infinium would be mine.
"You were told what you needed to hear to become effective.
You should cherish the gift you've been given. It is a leaf from Apocrypha. Only delectable knowledge will you find within its pages."
What did Graccus want from you?
"He sought the power to end some petty conflict of Men and Mer above, but his want is irrelevant.
Graccus showed promise when he glimpsed the Infinium and survived its cosmic ululation. But he ultimately proved mundane."

Gem of the Stars[edit]

Return to the entrance of Seeker's Archive where you can talk to Hermaeus Mora through a pedestal which stands above the entrance.

"If you would receive knowledge, you must give knowledge in return.
What have you brought me, Seeker?"
I found this blackened gem inside a Dwemer orrery, but I can't read the writing.
"I find this offering to be acceptable. Inside the gem, you can see the celestial bodies in their courses.
The text says the constellations are gods. They can be brought to earth using stones carved from Aetherium. Make of that what you will."

Message Unknown[edit]

Bring the tablet to the small pedestal above the entrance of the Seeker's Archive. Speak to Hermaeus Mora to complete the quest.

"You enter my temple once more, Seeker. What knowledge have you brought me?"
I found these letters carved into a stone in Zalgaz's Den. What do they mean?
"A death, and an unrequited love. Sentimental, and unimportant.
But you have fulfilled your part of the bargain, so here is mine: there is a man who can help you defeat the Anka-Ra. His name is Titus Valerius, but he is not of this time."

Strange Lexicon[edit]

Take the lexicon to Hermaeus Mora at the entrance of the Seeker's Archive to hear if he accepts this offering.

"Knowledge for knowledge. That is my price.
What have you brought me, Seeker?"
I found this Dwemer lexicon in Rkhardahrk.
"The Dwemer knew things you cannot even dream.
Here is your reward: the Celestials are bound to this realm by their Apex stones. These stones were constructed using knowledge stolen from the Dwemer. To defeat the Celestials, you must find the stones."


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