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Home City Mistral
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Beggar

Hinaamo is an Altmer beggar who can be found in Mistral. You'll find him on the terrace on the east side of the Mistral Treasury, watching Climb Trees down at the Moonfire Forge. After his wife was killed by Crosstree Bandits, he decided avenge her. However, after his first attempt left him beaten, he was advised by Huthuk to speak with Dog-Bite-Me at the Temple of Two-Moons Dance.

After undergoing training, he came back to Mistral to fight the Crosstree Bandits on his terms.

He is dressed in the manner of the Khajiit temple acolytes and when spoken to he will speak in the Khajiiti style.

"Hush! This one is busy! Can you not feel the skooma flowing through the streets? If you cannot, listen! It is all around us!"


  • His journal found in the Abandoned House on the outskirts of Mistral. It explains why and how he began his transformation into vigilante.