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Help an archivist preserve Imperial documents.
Zone: Imperial City
Quest Giver: Loncano
Location(s): Arboretum
Prerequisite Quest: The Sublime Brazier
Reward: Light Tel Var Satchel: 00200200Tel Var Stones
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Salvage documents before the Daedra can burn them.
A concerned clerk named Loncano believes there is a grave threat to the well-being of future generations if the Imperial recordkeeping falls to war.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Loncano at the Alliance Rally Point in the Arboretum.
  2. Kill five daedroth or flame atronachs.
  3. Recover eight documents from Dremora in the center of the district.
  4. Return to the Alliance Base and speak to Loncano.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Book Burning[edit]

At your Alliance Rally Point in the Arboretum, you will find an Altmer archivist named Loncano. He will plead with you to recover invaluable Imperial documents before they can be burned by the Daedra. The few surviving legionnaires refuse to help him gather such "scraps of paper", but Loncano insists that endless war will break out if ancient records of genealogy and land ownership are allowed to be lost. Agree to help, and he will explain what you need to do.

The first step to this quest involves killing five daedroth or flame atronachs. The atronachs have less health, but are usually accompanied by other mobs and are located out in the open. The daedroth enemies, on the other hand, are isolated, and may prove a better choice if enemy players are about (providing you have the DPS to take them down).

Document Recovery[edit]

After killing five of the arsonist enemies, you will be tasked with recovering some documents. They are quest items that only drop from Dremora enemies in the center of the district. Dremora found outside the quest radius will not drop anything, nor will the patrolling Xivkyn. You will need to collect two of each of the following: Enlistment Records, Holdings and Delineations, Patent of Nobility and Register of Accounts and Holdings.

Once you've collected eight documents, return to your Alliance base (either through the sewers or through respawning/teleporting) and locate Loncano near Phrastus and Lady Cinnabar. He will reward you with leveled gold and a Light Tel Var Satchel, and will offer to let you collect more documents tomorrow.

"I pray you were able to recover something."
Here's what I managed to find.
"Ah, well some is better than none. These are in remarkable condition, all things considered.
You've done me a great service. No - you've done all of Tamriel a great service, though they may never know it. You have my deepest thanks."

Quest Stages[edit]

Historical Accuracy
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Flame Atronachs and Daedroth are purging the city's histories and records with Daedric fire. Loncano told me that I must put a stop to this indiscriminate burning.
Objective: Slay Daedroth and Flame Atronachs in the Arboretum: 0/5
I must scour the district for any records or accounting I can find. Loncano believes I will have the most luck looking near the outskirts of the district, where archivists may have fled. Some of the Dremora may be carrying them as well.
Objective: Find Missing Imperial Records: 0/8
I've gathered some records from the Arboretum. I should bring them to Loncano in the Alliance base.
Objective: Find Loncano in the Alliance Base
☑Finishes quest I've gathered some Imperial records from the Arboretum. I should bring them to Loncano in the Alliance base.
Objective: Bring the records to Loncano in the Alliance Base
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