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Location Just north of Deathclaw's Lair
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Hoknir is a Nord hunter tracking Deathclaw, a powerful giant bat found at his lair which is located southeast of Bleakrock Village. As he was wounded when fighting Deathclaw, he tasks you with finding the bat and dealing with it once and for all.

Hoknir's list of contracts and bounties can be found in the Bleakrock Village Trading Hall.

On Bal Foyen, he will help Rana on the docks. If you choose to help the fort, he will die.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Tracking the Game[edit]

You find Hoknir outside the village, wounded and swearing.

"Curse that Deathclaw! Ate my foot. I had to use my boot and some leather as a tourniquet. Damn it!"
What happened?
"I've been tracking the beast for weeks. I call him Deathclaw.
I finally caught up to him, but it … well, it went badly."
If I can find him, I'll get him for you.
"Now there's a plan. If you bag him, I'll toss you some coin for your trouble.
As I made my escape, some stuff fell out of my pack. You should be able to follow what I dropped like a trail back to his lair."
I'll track him down, Hoknir.
"Follow the trail I left when I made my escape. You'll know his lair by the bones, blood, and smell.
Tempt him with some game, and I bet you'll get his attention."
Why have you been tracking this beast?
"I've been hunting beasts in the wild of Skyrim all my life. Deathclaw ravaged a couple of herds near Kynesgrove. I took on a contract to end him.
I always fulfill my contracts."

When you return to Hoknir, he'll sigh, '

'"I'm going to have to head back to town soon, my friend. Lost a lot of blood. How goes the hunt?"
I've killed him, Hoknir.
"A hunter with the heart of Ysgramor! Here's the coin I promised. I'll sing your praises next time I see the inside of a mead hall.
Don't worry about me. I know the way back to town, wound or no wound."

Returning to the village, you'll see Hoknir standing near the statue in the middle of the village. He's quite drunk.

"Don't worry about me, friend. It'll take more than losing a foot to send Hoknir to Sovngarde.
Walking back to town was an experience, though. I think I blacked out a few times. Thank Kyne for mead, eh?"

Escape from Bleakrock[edit]

You can find him on the shores of Dhalmora after a successful escape. It seems like he's overexerted himself.

"Evacuate, they said.
I'm going to lie here and look at the sky for a while. I think if I stood up, I'd fall down."

If By Sea[edit]

He can be found next to Runs-in-Wild at the Bal Foyen Docks:

"A one-legged Nord versus the Daggerfall Covenant. Ha!
Poor milk-drinking Daggers. They're as good as dead."
You and Runs-in-Wild seem to be getting along.
"Aye. Boots and I get along very well.
That comes from a deep, fervent love... a love of headshots at a hundred paces. Swip! Thunk."

If you helped Rana at the docks:

"Just need a bit of rest.
Blasted stump. Shouldn't have tried to kick with it."