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Iliath Temple was a shrine to Azura before it was converted to worship of the Tribunal in 1E 670. There are abandoned mines beneath the temple grounds, a source of the ebony ore coveted by armorers and weaponsmiths until they were worked out.
Quest Hub:
Iliath Temple
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Ebonheart Pact
Discovery ON-mapicon-Estate.png Leveled XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png Leveled XP
Completion Objective
Leveled XP
Northwest of Kragenmoor
Other Buildings
Iliath Temple

Iliath Temple is a Tribunal temple in western Stonefalls, northwest of Kragenmoor. It is currently under attack by Ashlanders of the Kagesh tribe. When the shrine was converted to worship of the Tribunal, Almalexia herself rededicated and blessed the temple.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Iliath Temple Objective: Help defend Iliath Temple from Ashlanders.
    • From the Wastes: Help the Kagesh wise woman defuse hostilities between Ashlanders and House Dunmer.
    • Divine Favor: Seek the Tribunal's aid against a band of renegade Ashlanders.
    • Undermined: Repel the Ashlander attack on Iliath Temple.

Iliath Temple People[edit]

Iliath Temple (surroundings)
Ashkhan Ziddak Dunhaki
Brevasu Helothan
Broder Givyn
Dreyla Rothan
Ervas Givyn
Farseer Tirinaat
Galam Helothan
Hedranna Kaliki
Scout Galsar
Turon Elval
Kagesh Brother
Kagesh Clanholder
Kagesh Guide
Kagesh Sister
Ziddak's Blademaster
Ziddak's Marksman
Ziddak's Rogue
Iliath Temple (courtyard)
Guard-Captain Faryon
Guard-Captain Nerathren
Captain Faryon
Captain Nerathren
Savure Dalas
Pact Soldier
Iliath Temple Tower (North)
Caretaker Ereven
Caretaker Yvelle
Iliath Temple Tower (East)
Caretaker Morusu
Iliath Temple Cloister
Caretaker Ralsa
Iliath Temple Shrine
Adril Gilvayn
Banus Sedrethi
Curate Brethis
Devas Seri
Feril Relvani
Folvys Inladori
Golar Thindo
Salver Thiran
Sodres Maryon
Iliath Temple House
Caretaker Raleth
Caretaker Weedum-Ja
Iliath Temple House
Caretaker Thelama


Iliath Temple Wayshrine

Iliath Temple Wayshrine is located directly to the north.


A map of the Iliath Temple Tunnels
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