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Wisewoman Iru-Ahan
Home Settlement Vale of the Ghost Snake
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mabrigash Tribe
Wisewoman Iru-Ahan

Wisewoman Iru-Ahan is a Dunmer member of the Mabrigash Tribe who can be found in the Vale of the Ghost Snake in southern Deshaan. As wisewoman, she is one of the spiritual leaders of the tribe, but the Farseer, Bodani, holds more power than her.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Before the related quests:

"What do you want, outsider?"

Trade Negotiations[edit]

Gulakhan Harrinat will send you to speak with her.

"You are not one of the women from the Hlaalu outpost. What do you want?"
I'm trying to find out what happened to Raston Vendil.
"The merchant isn't your concern. His fate is in the hands of the Farseer and the Ghost Snake.
Still, something disturbs the Vale. I thought it was the merchant, but now the signs and portents point to you."
To me? What are you talking about?
"The signs and portents are all around us, influencing events. Can you not see them?
If you want my advice, you should—Wait! What's that?"

Restless spirits suddenly rush into the middle of the village.

Iru-Ahan: "Your presence has aroused the Serpentbound!"

Speaking to her now:

"Find the Serpentbound. Hurry!"

You will then need to speak with the Farseer.

Speaking to her after speaking to the Farseer:

"What do you want, outsider?"

The Trial of the Ghost Snake[edit]

After starting the quest:

"Tread carefully upon the Coiled Path."

Returning from the Coiled Path:

"I'm glad to see that you returned safely."

After speaking to the farseer about the Snake Totem, she has more dialogue. Her response differs depending on your character's gender. To a male character:


To a female character:

"I knew a woman would successfully navigate the coiled path."
Do you think the tribe would benefit from dealing with House Hlaalu?
"At first, I just wanted the merchant to go away. But I've been thinking.
Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to deal with the outside world."
Not everyone here would agree with you.
"No. Many are set in their ways and fear change. But if we're cautious, we may benefit in the long run."

After the quest, if you gave the totem to either of the merchants:

"I'm pleased to call you clan friend."

After the quest, if you threw the totem in the fire:

"The merchant abides with the Ghost Snake now. It was his destiny."


  • Despite being referred to by the Gulakhan as Wise-Woman, she does not bear this prefix until you have spoken to the Ghost Snake.
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