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Home Settlement Merryvale Farms
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

J'dathal is a Khajiit found in Merryvale Farms. He is the owner of Honey-Breeze Homestead and father to three daughters; Nurra, Banji, and Pashroni. He is also the victim of a monster terrorizing the community.

Related Quests[edit]


You'll find J'dathal hiding in his moon-sugar cane field:

J'dathal : "Moons above, let J'dathal's family be safe."
"Please, please! J'dathal begs. You must rescue his three daughters from that horrid beast! They should just be west of here, up the path.
You must find them before that monster does."
What kind of monster did you see?
"J'dathal was only able to catch a glimpse of it as he ran. But what he saw was unnatural! It was an enormous beast with a mouth full of fangs and a thick, leathery hide.
Oh, why has such a thing come to our peaceful home?"
I'll save your daughters from this monster.
"Please, be quick. J'dathal fears his daughters are in grave danger!"

After you have defeated the monster and spoken with Razum-dar, J'dathal will arrive with his daughters to thank you. Defeat the monster and he and his daughters will appear in the cave with you and Razum-dar:

J'dathal : "There they are!"
J'dathal : "Moons be praised, thank you both! Because of your help, this one's family is safe."
Razum-dar : "Raz is so pleased to see you and your daughters unharmed. All … three of your daughters."

Under his fur, Raz seems to go white as a sheet:

Nurra : "Yes, Raz. And all three of us have been talking quite a bit about you."
Banji : "Specifically how you seemed to have made certain promises. To all of us."
Pashroni : "Do you remember, Razum-dar? "Oh, this one will love you forever. This one will come back for you soon. This one only has eyes for you!""
J'dathal : "What? Raz, is … is this true?"
Razum-dar : "Now, now. Raz can explain everything."

Out of respect, you leave Razum-dar to his own defenses. If you speak with J'dathal before you leave, he will have made some connections.

"J'dathal was curious as to why his daughters were so distraught when Raz first left. Now this one starts to paint the picture, yes?"
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