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Jeberilie Cedmain
Home City Lilmoth
Location The Lusty Argonian Footman
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Jeberilie Cedmain

Jeberilie Cedmain is a Breton who can be found in the Lusty Argonian Footman in Lilmoth, leaning against a wall and flipping a coin. She otherwise cannot be spoken to.


She will humor Nisswo Nedhellas' drunken ramblings about Vampires.

Nisswo Nedhellas: "Hoo. Stronger than I remember. Must've lost more blood than I thought!"
Nisswo Nedhellas: "You think vampires drink? Don't say it! I'm not talking about blood!"
Jeberilie Cedmain: "I can't see why they would."
Nisswo Nedhellas: "Don't drink. No wonder they're trying to end the world! Miserable rotten life, that is! I'd bash my brains out if— … this bar always wobble so much?"