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Jofnir Iceblade
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Condition Spirit
The ghost of Jofnir Iceblade

Jofnir Iceblade was a Nord warrior and the former guildmaster of the Fighters Guild before Sees-All-Colors. He kept quarters in Vulkwasten, Sentinel, and Fort Amol.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Anchors from the Harbour[edit]

As you approach the place Merric at-Aswala was taken to, his ghost will appear and call to you, "Comrade, to me!" When approached, he will hail you again:

Who are you?
"I am Jofnir Iceblade. Former master of the Fighters Guild. Don't interrupt, I cannot speak long. Doshia has taken Merric beneath the island, into the vault. She drains his soul for her master's dark plans."
Why are you here?
"I can't... I can't say. My time grows short. Save Merric, stop the Daedra. Ware the followers of Molag Bal..."

After revealing this information, Jofnir disappears.

The Dangerous Past[edit]

"You're in danger. Danger I can't fully comprehend, not even in death."
What kind of danger? Why can't we talk about this danger?
"Someone close to you has plans... plans for us both. Plans to betray you.
I am anchored, contained ...pulled away... beware, comrade!"
I will.

After delivering this warning, Jofnir disappears once again.

Proving the Deed[edit]

Inside Ragnthar, Jofnir's remains are guarded by wards. After you recover the insignia, Aelif will identify him and perform a spell to speak to him in order to see who his killer was:

Aelif: "Aelif will start the ritual."
Jofnir Iceblade: "Who summons me?"
Aelif: "Hush, spirit. Aelif will ask the question."
Jofnir Iceblade: "What do you wish to know?"
Jofnir Iceblade: "I will tell you what I can."
Aelif: "Aelif demands the name of your murderer."
Aelif: "Who killed you, Jofnir?"
Jofnir Iceblade: "It was the Argonian, my subordinate, Sees-All-Colors."
Aelif: "This one knew it would be so."
Aelif: "Begone, spirit. Aelif is done with you."
Jofnir Iceblade: "I have done as you asked. Release me to walk in Sovngarde."
Aelif: "Go. Aelif will call for you again, soon."
Aelif: "Sovngarde indeed."

Following this exchange, Jofnir vanishes.

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