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Location Rimmen Necropolis
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit

Jora-ri is a Cathay spirit found in Rimmen Necropolis. His family member has disturbed his rest and now insists on being put in his proper place within the necropolis. He later reveals that he was once the ruler of the Kingdom of Rimmen during the time of the sixteen kingdoms.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As soon as you enter the dungeon, you'll hear the following conversation:

Saviwa : "Saviwa can live with your constant glowing, but not your constant talking."
Jora-ri : "What sort of Khajiit doesn't want to carry his ancestor's ashes around? Your great-great-great grandmother spent a lot of gold on this urn, you know."

If you speak to him before Saviwa, he will wonder if this is a punishment of sorts:

"This must be punishment for all of the times I clawed mother's furniture."

After you have spoken with Saviwa, Jori-ri can be asked about his manner of death:

"Jora-ri remembers seeing urns like these on the Baandari Pedlars' wagons as a boy. I often wondered what it would be like to be nothing more than ashes in an urn."
How did you die?
"Jora-ri was assassinated during one of Elsweyr's many civil wars. Jora-ri would not have minded so much if the killer had not been his own brother."

You will then need to pick up his urn, and take it to the family spot to the east.

Jora-ri : "Remind me to ask Saviwa why these two urns are so much bigger than mine."

When you talk with him he will not be entirely happy with the spot:

"Jora-ri appreciates your efforts, but this is not where he belongs. We should keep moving before the cultists find other uses for my urn."
Isn't this your family tomb?
"Yes, but Jora-ri belongs to a larger family. One that shares more than blood.
Bring Jora-ri's urn to another tomb. Jone and Jode will light our path."
If you say so.

If you talk to him before taking the urn:

"Gather Jora-ri's urn and we will find the proper tomb together. Bright Moons will show us the way."

You will then have to travel around to the other resting spot to the west:

Jora-ri : "Jora-ri remembers visiting this tomb with his brother once."

Yet when you talk with him, this isn't the right spot either:

"This is much closer to Jora-ri's resting place, but not quite right. We will know we are there when we find the shining guards."
I thought Jone and Jode were guiding us?
"The light of the moons may lead us astray, but in the end, it always shows us what we need to see."
Then I guess we should keep looking.

If you talk to him before taking the urn:

"This tomb is closer to our destination, but we move on. Jora-ri feels the Moons pulling his spirit. He hears his wife calling his name."

After you enter the Tomb of Manes, he will reappear and comment:

Jora-ri : "This is the place for Jora-ri to rest. I have never been more certain of anything in my entire death."

Once you make your way to the small room at the opposite edge of the tomb, Jora-ri will remark:

Jora-ri : "Finally! A tomb fit for a k'har!"

When you talk with him, he will reveal his identity:

"Thank you! Jora-ri can finally rest next to his beloved queen."
Is this a royal tomb?
"If Saviwa listened, he would have learned that Jora-ri once led this nation. And if he would have taken me to my resting place, Jora-ri would have led him to our forgotten treasury.
Please put my urn with the others, friend. I want to see my queen."
I'll tell Saviwa that your spirit is at peace.

Place the urn one last time and he'll give you his parting words:

Jora-ri : "I'm sure Saviwa will be pleased to know that I won't be bothering him any longer."
Jora-ri : "Jora-ri hopes that Saviwa is a little bothered by the fact that he missed out on our royal treasure."
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