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Home Settlement Vlastarus
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Jurana is a Khajiit found in the town of Vlastarus. She gives you some of the daily quests available in Vlastarus.

Related Quests[edit]


Jurana will greet you with:

"Vlastarus is a wonderful place to live, but lately I worry about our safety."

You can also ask her some questions about the town:

Who runs Vlastarus?
"Well, Nelerien and I do. It's an honor to serve our town this way, helping organize everyone, planning for the future, and seeing all our hard work pay off. I love it!"
So I talk to either of you if I'm looking for work?
"Absolutely! We both love to talk with anyone who is willing to help out. Any day I haven't talked with at least ten people feels like a wasted day to me."
What can you tell me about that tower?
"The one on the southern edge of town? It's called the Eye of the Greenmead. It was an ancient Imperial watch tower, built long before the town was here. Doesn't really fit with the rest of Vlastarus, does it?"
Why is it locked up?
"It's a ruin inside. Two people fell through the wooden stairs last year. When Galla died from her fall, we sealed off the door. It hadn't been used as a watch tower for a hundred years or more. And the Empire's unlikely to complain."

An Evil Presence[edit]

It seems very peaceful.
"You should have been here a few days ago. A skeleton lurched in and chased villagers around. Atugol bashed its head in with a hammer before it killed anyone, but it was a close call. It must have come from the graveyard to the southwest."
But it's gone now.
"I fear there will be more. Rumors swirl of a necromancer named Atirion living in Howling Cave, next to the graveyard. I think he's responsible for this.
Would you go there and end this threat?"
I'll look into it.

Once the necromancer has been dealt with:

"Were the rumors true? Was it a necromancer after all?"
Yes. I found Atirion and killed him.
"That's a relief. Though necromancers sometimes come back from the dead, unfortunately. We'll keep an eye out for him from now on."

Essence of Flame[edit]

What's wrong?
"Ceyatatar has been taken over by ghosts who can somehow control flame atronachs. As if regular ghosts weren't bad enough! Ayleid ruins just seem to attract evil.
The ruins are to the north. Will you help us?"
What would I need to do?
"A mage crafted this crystal. It is attuned to the flame atronachs at Ceyatatar and will absorb their essences. When you kill an atronach, the crystal does the rest. Will you take it and rid us of some of these atronachs?"
I'll do it.

Once you have cleared out some of the atronachs, you can return to Jurana.

"Did you retrieve the flame atronach essences?"
Yes. They're in the crystal.
"Magrus surely watched over you among those dangerous ruins. I worried that I'd never see this crystal again.
Thank you for your bravery and willingness to help in our time of need."


How can I help?
"Many have come here fleeing the war. They left their homes with only a few prized possessions.
They were preyed upon by bandits en route. Many lost their lives; the lucky ones only lost all their possessions."
What can I do about it?
"The Gray Vipers make their lair in the ruins of Nornalhorst, to the south. These bandits preyed on many of the refugees who made it to Vlastarus. Would you go to the ruins to see if you can recover any stolen items?"
I'll see what I can find.

When you have recovered the stolen items:

"You're back at last. Were you successful?"
Yes, I recovered several items.
"Wonderful! The refugees will be delighted. I'll find out who these items belong to and hand them back."

Silver Scales[edit]

Anything I can do?
"Our resident artist, Nayya, is sulking. She insists she needs silver scales to create her next piece. Sadly, Silverscale Pond has been overfished by poachers. If you can steal some of the scales from them, I'll pay for them."
Consider it done.

If you talk to her before completing the task:

"Those silver scales are worth a lot to me. I can't stand Nayya's whining anymore. The poachers at Silverscale Pond should have plenty."

When you bring back the fish scales:

"Judging by the smell, you found some silver scales?"
Yes. I hope this is enough.
"Excellent! Just what Nayya asked for, though I wouldn't be surprised if she says she needs more.
Here is your payment, as promised."