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Location Hazak's Hollow
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During Moon-Sugar Medicament
Faction(s) Renrijra Krin

Khari is a Khajiit held prisoner by the Crosstree Bandits found in Hazak's Hollow. You can learn of his situation by reading a note found in one of their camps around Khenarthi's Roost.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Moon-Sugar Medicament[edit]

You will find him bound to a pole by the bandits within the Hollow.

"Begone, bandit. I'll never join Hazak!"
I'm not a bandit. Your mother asked me to rescue you.
"Mother sent you? It is good she can't see me trussed up like a sheep. The bandits were more challenging than I expected.
She could have killed a few when she scouted the cave, but no, I must always be tested."
What do you mean, she scouted the cave?
"You thought her a poor mewling widow? Ha! Mother is not entirely what she seems.
She warned me to wait and watch before approaching Hazak's Hollow. I have much to learn."
Tell me what's going on here.
"I sought to avenge my father's memory, but was captured by bandits. Mother saw my capture and sent you here to assist. Next, you untie me and we kill Hazak for his crimes.
Simple, you see?"
I came here to free you, not kill Hazak.
"Then when you free me, I'll fight Hazak alone and will likely die. Hazak will poison more families with skooma. Another will swear revenge, be captured by bandits, and wait for death in this cave.
Or we can kill Hazak. Still simple, yes?"
All right, I'll help you kill Hazak.
"Good. Now, untie my bonds so we can look for the key to Hazak's lair. Swish-slash-poke, done."
I'll untie you.

If you talk with him while you search for the key, he will say, "We must find the key. One of these muskarse smugglers might have it."

Once you have the key, he will tell you, "Hazak cooks the filthy skooma in his lair. Let's put an end to him."

While in Hazak's Lair, if you talk with Khari, "Now is the time to strike. Hazak must die for his crimes."

After the deed is done, he'll mutter to himself.

Khari: "I don't know how mother will take this."
Reunited with his mother

When you leave the Hollow, Zulana will be idly poking at the corpse of one of the bandits. If you speak to Khari he will say:

"Hmm. Mother looks upset. You will talk to her, yes?
I did what was necessary. She must believe that."

If you mention to Zulana that Khari acquitted himself well during the fight, she will deem him ready.

Zulana: "Khari, you did what your mother could not."
Khari: "I did what I knew to be right. To restore our family's honor."
Zulana: "You've proven worthy of our name. Do you understand?"
Khari: "Yes, Mother. I'll dance beneath the two moons, as you've taught me."
Zulana: "Then we must complete your training."

They will then throw smoke bombs and disappear.