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Home Settlement Haven
Location Abandoned House
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Khezuli is a Khajiit who can be found in the Abandoned House in Haven. She is the cook for Eryarion's inn.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Lost Treasures[edit]

Meeting her in the Abandoned House, she can be heard lamenting.

"I can't be the last one. Why didn't they head for the walls?"

Talk to her to receive the quest.

"I left the inn to pick up supplies. Now, look at me. Trapped in a house with a bunch of suicidal soldiers.
Eryarion would know what to do."
Who is Eryarion?
"My employer, an innkeeper. We were headed through a nearby marsh to pick up supplies when the pirates hit Haven. Eryarion, the workers.. we all scattered into the marsh.
I ran back to town and hid. Then Lord Gharesh-ri arrived. It has been a strange day."
Where are the others?
"Eryarion can take care of himself, but the other workers? They're used to city walls and cobbled streets, not stranglers and quicksand.
If you're traveling through the marsh, could you make sure they're safe? I would appreciate it."
I'll look for the missing workers.

If you talk to her again before leaving, she'll say:

"If you see any workers in the marsh, keep them safe."

Return to her after finding the missing workers.

"I can't believe it! All these soldiers and not a decent mess kit among them? If only I'd returned with some supplies."
The workers made it to safety.
"Truly? This is wonderful!
Please, accept a meager payment for your trouble. And if a strangler-infested marsh doesn't frighten you, perhaps we should speak of additional work."

A Little on the Side[edit]

She can give you this quest immediately after finishing the previous one.

"Our profits aren't enough to cover Haven's taxes on the inn. We have a side business to make up the difference.
With the destruction caused by the pirates, I'm late making a delivery."
What sort of "side business" are you talking about?
"Well... there are things people want which aren't illegal, not exactly, but which the Dominion dislikes.
Look, the pirates took some goods used to produce such things. If I don't get the goods to my contact, we'll lose our business. You see?"
I'll find your "goods" and bring them to your contact.

Speaking to her again:

"I stashed the goods around the square, but pirates have a nose for hidden treasures. Look for my stashes, or pirates with sticky fingers.
And I mean that … mangrove juice, hist sap, and moon sugar cane don't wash off. Bring them to my contact in the Mages Guild."

Speaking to her after the quest:

"With all the excitement of the pirate attack, it seems the Dominion is less interested in the business of a humble innkeeper and his loyal staff.
But best not to mention it."