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King Xakhwan
(lore page)
Location Ash'abah Pass
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959 (Friendly), 60370 (Hostile)
Reaction Friendly, Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Ra Gada
King Xakhwan

King Xakhwan was a Redguard king of the Ra Gada. He is encountered in the vision that occurs during the Ash'abah initiation.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Initiation[edit]

After talking to Prince Haqmir, King Xakhwan will begin his speech:

"Ra Gada! You all know that the Elves are outside our walls. These ... infidels call us barbarians. They would drive us from this land."
"But what the Elves do not know ... is that Ruptga himself guided us to these shores! He decreed that the Alik'r would be our home!"
"Today, the infidels will see the strength of the Shehai! Onsi will guide our blades! Today, the sands will run red with Elven blood!"

The crowd of Ra Gada warriors cheers and you can now talk to the king:

"You look strong, Sameer. My heart is proud. I believe this will be a day of destiny for you and your brother.
If we wish to remain here, we must cleanse the land of these Elves' taint."
I'm sure we will be victorious.
"Yes, and much of the glory for this victory will go to you and your brother.
I send you forth as my champions, to slice through the Elves' ranks and find their leader. You will cut off the snake's head and then the body will wither and die."
You want us to go ahead of the soldiers?
"Yes. It is a great honor, and a great responsibility.
But you have proven your valor time and again, Sameer. I know you will succeed and clear the way for our people's future. Go now, and go with the gods, my son. You have my blessing."
I will go and fight today in your honor, father.

Finishing the conversation, he will wish you well:

"I know you will be victorious, my son. May Onsi guide your blade!"

Later in the quest, Wraithmaster Venerien kills the king and turns him into a zombie. In this undead state, he tells you, "My son ... you failed me. Now, you will die!", and attacks.

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