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Needed for Claim to Fame
Found in the following locations:
Letter from Historian Maaga
A letter regarding the raid of a Breton family estate

To the leaders of the Torog's Spite bandits—

I cannot condone banditry, but your actions have become legend. I understand you target Breton families descended from those who sacked Orsinium; that you pillage their estates for profit and revenge. Specifically, I'm told you recently raided the Chauvry family estate and killed the descendants of the ruthless General Chauvry. He was a butcher, and I want to make a record of this event, but I'm not sure which Orc clan should get the credit. I've heard varied claims, some saying your group is led by Clan Agluk, while others say Clan Morkul.

If you could send word to me at the inn in Evermore to clarify this question, it would be much appreciated.

Maaga, Historian of Orsinium