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Location Halcyon Lake
Species Nereid
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Rain Disciples

Lorelia is an ancient nereid of Halcyon Lake. In order to prevent the natural desertification of the lake, she attempted to use the ancient knowledge found in Bisnensel to create a Water Stone. She also has stolen the memories of passing people and forced them into her service to work towards that goal, making them a group called the Rain Disciples.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Mistress of the Lake[edit]

While you investigate the essence toughs you will hear a strange voice speaker to their followers.

Watery Voice: "Soon my children. With each essence, we draw closer to the dream."
Watery Voice: "We must work quickly, before the Daedric Prince's servants can stop us."
Watery Voice: "We have nearly enough essences now. Tell Apostle Marian it is time to prepare."

If you agree to help the rain disciples, you get to meet Lorelia:

"I am Lorelia, water spirit of Halcyon Lake and caretaker of these lands. I have been watching you from afar, and I like what I see.
You are brave, you are not afraid to stand up for what's right, and you have chosen to help me."
I have. How can I help save the lake?
"We are very close now. The servants of Hermmaeus Mora and their insatiable hunger for hoarding knowledge are all that stands in our way. You have already diverted the tides in our favor, and you shall be rewarded."

The Water Stone[edit]

"Be careful. The Primeval Seekers will protect their relics with their lives.
Do what you must though. Regrettably, sometimes in nature, it is simply kill or be killed."
What will you do once you have the Water Stone?
"Once I have the Water Stone, I will no longer require their generous service.
I will release them to return to their homes in the surrounding areas, where they can be assured that the land will remain rich and alive."
What will become of your disciples/What about their memories?
"In time, it is my hope that they will again be able to remember.
If not, they will still be able to form new memories and build new lives. As it is here, it is more important they be happy than be able to recall every moment of their past."
Will the Primeval Seekers keep trying to undermine your efforts?
"I hope not.
After we've created the Water Stone, I will withdraw along with it. I should hope that the Primeval Seekers will move on after they realize there is nothing left for them here."
Voice of Lorelia: "Here I am! Come quickly!"
Herald Kixathi: "I wanted to wait until you were both here... to die together!"
Lorelia: "No! Don't let her get to the Water Stone!"

After defeating Kixathi:

"It worked! I feared that touching the Water Stone would destroy one... or even both of us, but it didn't.
We merged. We are one. And we are both stronger for it."
So Lake Halcyon will be safe?
"Indeed, and even better. It will flourish... for all time.
We have you to thank for this. As much as I would like to keep you here, to bind you to me, I won't even try. Take this and go. I'll summon a whirlpool to whisk you away. Goodbye."

You will receive the Skystaff of Secrets, a leveled staff, for your efforts.

Sunken Knowledge[edit]

After you decide to help the Seekers, Herald Kixathi will ask to you search Lorelia's sanctum for relics. As you do so, the nereid will appear out of the water, enraged.

Lorelia: "You dare to enter my sanctum?"

You can then speak with her.

"Traitor! I can't believe I thought you would help us. It is clear that you've given over to the same greed and brutality as those Primeval Seekers.
But why would you dare enter my personal chambers?"
I'm looking for the relics you stole from the ruins.
"Liar! It's not the relics you want! You want to steal my memory essences, don't you?
Too late. I've already infused them … into myself! I am the Water Stone! Once I activate the shrine, I'll flood the ruins and rid myself of all you vermin."
Why? Won't that kill your disciples too? (Ends conversation)
Lorelia: "They have outlived their usefulness, as have you. Enjoy your last few breaths!"
<Lorelia dives back into the water and disappears.>

Destroying the Water Stone[edit]

Lorelia – The Water Stone
Location Shrine Chamber of Bisnensel
Species Nereid
Health (?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Rain Disciples

After Lorelia reveals she turned herself into the Water Stone, you will have to kill her before she floods the ruins. She can be found in the shrine chamber where she has already killed Herald Kixathi. When you enter the chamber, she will gleefully shout "You think you can stop me from flooding this place! Ha!"

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