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Home City Evermore
Location Anchor's Point Inn
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Maaga is an Orc historian reading books about the Siege of Orsinium in the city of Evermore. He also has contacted two clans found inside Torog's Spite, a cave located nearby, about which one was responsible for an attack on a local Breton noble family.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Claim to Fame: Find out which Orcish clan deserves credit for the raids of the Torog's Spite Bandits.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Before, during, and after the related quest, he will greet you with:

"I'm sorry. Did you want to talk about history? Intriguing subject, isn't it?
I've been in the castle library for days. Fascinating how accounts differ relating to the Siege of Orsinium. The second one, that is."

During the related quest:

I have a letter from the leader of the Torog's Spite bandits.
"About time. I've put off leaving Evermore for weeks waiting for this. Of course, they'd put me in the stocks if I came back without it.
Whether it's Clan Agluk or Clan Morkul could change the course of history."
How would it change the course of history?
"Clan Morkul was once proud but has grown weak. Many clan members have left for other clans. This would turn that around.
Clan Agluk is relatively young and wants to gain respect. This would increase their stature.
You have the letter—which is it?"
:It's Clan Morkul. Here's the letter.
"Clan Morkul can add this to their long list of achievements. Their outlawry against the Covenant has damaged their reputation, but perhaps this will change that.
Regardless, I just want to go home. Thank you for making that possible."
:It's Clan Agluk. Here's the letter.
"Who would have thought it was Clan Agluk? They're all but extinct. To be honest, I think there are only a handful left. This may be just the thing to bring them back.
Regardless, I just want to go home. Thank you for making that possible."