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Mages Guild
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Ebonheart Pact
Davon's Watch
The Davon's Watch Mages Guild

The Davon's Watch Mages Guild is a guildhall housing the local branch of the Mages Guild, located in the city of Davon's Watch. The building is actually a Tribunal temple where the mages have moved after their original guildhall was destroyed in the Covenant invasion. It is a two-story, Dunmeri-style building with a large basement. The upper floor, constructed as a circular loft around the building, serves as a library and a study area for several residents. The lower level is a large hall with the middle area reserved for summoning portals. The space along the walls serves as a resting area with cushions, tables, hookahs and a wooden keg. Numerous bookshelves found here can contain skill books. A chicken lives here.

This guildhall serves as a good starting point for anyone interested in joining the Guild or for obtaining alchemy, enchanting and provisioning crafting certifications.

Once you complete the Mages Guild quest line, a portal to Eyevea Guild Hall can be found here.

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Several Temple Ordinators guard the guild hall inside and outside.

* This person can be found here only until the Simply Misplaced quest.

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