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Mages Guild
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Aldmeri Dominion
Skyshards 1
Reaper's March
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Alchemist.png Alchemy Station (x2)
  • ON-icon-Enchanter.png Enchanting Table
The Dune Mages Guild

The Mages Guild in Dune is a guildhall in the north of the city containing the local Mages Guild branch. It is a large Khajiiti-style cottage that has two stories. The front porch has an ottoman, a sofa with a lute on it, a table and several storage containers that can provide you with provisioning or alchemical ingredients. A rock formation to the left of the entrance has a skyshard on it. Inside, right across the entrance, is the magister's desk. Zebatba-ko can be found here, making notes. Behind her there is a bookshelf. On the left-hand side from the entrance is a resting area with cushions, ottomans, musical instruments and a smoking hookah. From time to time Ancemen comes down here from the upper floor to practice casting spells. Ealonwe usually stays on the right from the front door. She can be seen practicing her fire magic. The upper floor is quite spacious and is divided into two zones. Most of the floor is used for study and practice. There are several bookshelves here, a table with scrolls and books, and two crafting stations. The stations can be used for making glyphs and alchemical concoctions. Make sure to check the bookshelves as they can contain skill books. A display case on the right holds more scrolls and journals. The door on the left-hand side leads to the balcony. If Ancemen is not downstairs, he can be seen here, rigorously studying and practicing spells. A sleeping area with two beds is straight ahead from the staircase, separated by curtains. A door here leads to a small side balcony.

When you first arrive in Dune, it is overrun by Daedra and the guildhall is not accessible as the door is blocked by a magical barrier. As soon as you eliminate it, the guild members are free and the services become available.

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  • Two signs at the front door denote presence of an alchemy shop, Two Moons Alchemicals and an enchanting store, Two Moons Enchantments on the premises. However, there are no vendors here running such stalls.
  • Previously, the skyshard was on the balcony, and was thus inaccessible until The Fires of Dune. Patch 2.1.4 moved it to the rock beside it so that you can now reach it without doing the entire Reaper's March main quest first.