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Meet Fa'ren-dar, the Thieves Guild's Master of Heists.
Faction: Thieves Guild
Quest Giver: Velsa
Location(s): Thieves Den, Abah's Landing
Prerequisite Quest: The Long Game
Next Quest: Heists
Reward: eveled]]Average LeveledGold Gold
5 Thieves Guild RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard
Meet the master of hic... heists.
Velsa let me in on one of the perks of being a member of the Thieves Guild: Heists. She's sending me to the guild's heist master to get vetted for work. [if you take the quest from Velsa]
Velsa left me a note to discuss one of the perks of being a member of the Thieves Guild: Heists. [if you start the quest by reading a note from Velsa]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Velsa outside the Thieves Den.
  2. Meet Fa'ren-dar outside Hew's Mane inn.
  3. Visit the Heist Board in the Thieves Den.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After completing the Long Game, you can find a note addressed to you and attached to the tip board from Velsa.

What you recovered from the Iron Wheel will prove lucrative for us all. Let's talk about heists. Meet me outside the Den when you're ready.
I should speak with Velsa about heists.
Meet Velsa outside the Den

Alternatively, the quest can be started by talking to Velsa directly. You will find Velsa sitting at a campfire near to the Thieves Den. She will brief you about a new, lucrative business opportunity, available due to your efforts.

"You've been busy. Did you realize you've provided the Thieves Guild with a lucrative opportunity?
Probably not. It's all right, I won't even imply you're thick. That's how lucrative."
You'll have to be specific.
"Silver-Claw's ledger? The blackmail you stole from No Shira Citadel? This is our blueprint to pulling heists, just like we used to.
We can hit our rivals where it hurts. Take their ill-gotten gains for ourselves. Use it to rebuild."
That does sound lucrative.
"Among the blackmail, I noticed the name Fa'ren-dar. He's a "claw-cutter"—a thief who robs other thieves. Wouldn't you know? He's signed on as our master of heists.
Now, and don't strain yourself … who should you speak with next?"
I'll go meet Fa'ren-dar.

You will find the newly appointed Master of Heists at the brewery just outside Hew's Mane inn.

"Ah, Velsa tells me you were the one who freed Fa'ren-dar from Cosh's leash."
That's right.
"The cub is more seasoned than she admits, but Fa'ren-dar's eyes are sharper than his claws. Tongue too, where Velsa is concerned. I have missed her conversation.
Both are the guild's to serve, and so now they serve you too."
Velsa said you could help me locate some big scores.
"A good tip is only one of the services I provide, boss. Think of Fa'ren-dar as your observer, guide, and porter. You handle the theft, I will handle the rest."
Let's hear more about these tip-offs. / How do you come by your tips?
"Fa'ren-dar's little birds post things of interest at the guild. If something catches your eye too, speak up and we plan the heist.
Go through me, or not at all. We don't want members stepping on each other's toes, or skimping on their dues."
What do you mean by guide? / And what did you mean by guide?
"Wealth in Abah's Landing comes and goes like its tides. What washes in isn't here for long, or left about like flotsam to be scooped up by any passerby. There are many hidden nooks where such things are tucked away.
Fa'ren-dar knows them all."
Porter? You're starting to sound like a butler. / You mentioned being my porter. You're starting to sound like a butler.
"Perhaps I am. A very sneaky butler, who ensures that all things reach their proper destination. Loot from an industrious thief's sticky fingers into a wanting buyer's tender embrace, and gold from a happy buyer's pocket to a deserving thief's palm."
I'm ready for my first heist. (Becomes available after ask one of the above questions.)
"Then we should see what my magpies have brought back to the nest. I'll await you at the tip board in the guild hall."

Meet Fa'ren-dar back in the Thieves Den. You will find him in the southern part of the Den; near him is the Heist Board where the heist listings will be posted daily.

"Soon we should teach you to spot a tail, and shake one. It is not Khajiit dancing I am referring to, though I am told I am great partner.
You will need to be quite aware of your surroundings on a heist. There is often little room for error."
I'll bear that in mind. Can I get started now?
"Of course, boss, I'm eager to see you in action. Bring me a posting and we'll be on our way."

You will then receive some gold, some reputation and access to the daily Heists.

Quest Stages[edit]

Master of Heists
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak with Velsa outside of the Den.
Objective: Meet Velsa Outside the Den
I'm supposed to meet Fa'ren-dar in Abah's Landing and make my introduction.
Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar
☑Finishes quest Fa'ren-dar explained what his role is as heist master and invited me to try my hand at a job. I'm to meet him at the tip board back at the Thieves Den.
Objective: Meet Fa'ren-dar at the Heist Board