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Home Settlement Bleakrock Village
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mathor is a Nord who can be found in Bleakrock Village. When you've arrived to Bleakrock and wake up in Captain Rana's Office, you will find Mathor's Journal outside of your room, explaining how a local miller found you on the shore. Mathor himself will be downstairs, greeting you.


"Good to see you up and around. Figured you were crossing the bridge for Sovngarde for sure."
Where am I?
"Bleakrock Island. Off the coast of Skyrim. Holsgar found you washed up on the shore.
Captain Rana will want to know you're awake."

Later you will find Mathor walking near the village square.

"I don't know. Tillrani did keep us safe for years. But Rana is captain now. We should listen to her, right?"