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This article is about the Khajiit in Cat's Eye Quay. For the undead Redguard, see Mazar the Vengeful.

Location Cat's Eye Quay
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mazar is a Khajiit skooma peddler found at Cat's Eye Quay. He can direct you to the alternative entrance to the Wind Tunnels.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

He can be found at the blocked entrance to the mines.

"A ringing head is bad.
But when it remains somewhat head-shaped … that is good, yes?"
What happened to you?
"I was in the caves … working … when I heard a strange howling. Then warriors came out of nowhere, and struck without mercy."
Who attacked?
"Sea VipersMaormer pirates! We paid protection through the month, and let them put those strange totems in our cave. They've never been in the skooma trade!
Erm. I meant moon-sugar. Hit my head, you see."
What did they want?
"Our deaths, I suppose?
After they killed enough of us, they left the rest of us alone—they knew we wouldn't fight back. They only paid attention to those totems. Well, until they collapsed the cave entrance."
Why did they collapse the cave?
"Some High Elf wizard tried to get in, so they collapsed it. I dove outside. Lucky me.
The wizard tried to tell me something, but I couldn't hear him at all. He stuffed this paper in my hands and walked off. Here, maybe you can make sense of it."
You should get to safety.
"What's that? My ears were ringing. Would you mind repeating the obvious?
Wait, wait … don't think me ungrateful. The wizard was looking for another way into the caves. I heard rumors of a secret door by the cliffs, but I never saw it myself."
Thank you.

Mazar will then run off.