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Location Vaermina's Shrine
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Supernal Dreamers

Molacar is an Altmer member of the Supernal Dreamers found at the Vaermina's Shrine located in Cyrodiil.

He paces between the shrine and the lectern where he gives reminders on Vaermina and potential omens. Molacar holds the title of 'Nightcaller' and is somewhat of a leader to the rest of the devotees, of which Caledonia Lentinus and Drinroth are the only ones who listen to his lectures.


"Always remember, dreamers, that nightmares are Vaermina's truest sendings, piercing the veils that prevent us from seeing the world as it truly is!"
"In dreams and nightmares, Vaermina reveals the world's truths. Heed her commands!"
"Last night, dreamers. Vaermina sent an Omen of Mortal Foreboding to me! It ordained a death among us, I sense a prisoner will soon die."
"The presence of unbelievers clouds our dreams and nightmares, cutting us off from Vaermina. Convert all you meet, slay those who refuse!"