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Home City Mistral
Location Moves between The Boatman's Tail and Moonfire Forge
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Molwen is an Altmer found in the city of Mistral, she will wander between the Boatman's Tail and Moonfire Forge. Though she cannot be talked to, you can overhear her talking to Climbs Trees about a shipment.


Molwen: "Three and six. A good haul."
Climbs Trees: "Ah, our friends! They must have recovered from the storm, yes?"
Molwen: "It had to happen sooner or later. "The crossed tree never falls," or so they say. Still, all these soldiers mucking about... it makes me nervous."
Climbs Trees: "You worry for nothing, little one. Their roots have grown for many years. It will take more than a few elves to tear them up."

After you disrupt the island's skooma trade, her worries seem justified:

Molwen: "Still nothing."
Climbs Trees: "What do they think they are playing at? We paid them, yes?"
Molwen: "Who knows, maybe they got caught? It wouldn't be the first time. Climbs, if they don't make the drop soon, let's cut our losses and make for the mainland."
Climbs Trees: "This one does not like it. But perhaps you're right. Still, keep checking, will you?"