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This article is about the general NPC type. For the specific NPC, see Mummy (NPC).

A mummy

Mummies are a type of undead NPC. They appear as people covered in rotting bandages, with completely white eyes. Most mummies are Redguards and can be found in various places in the Alik'r Desert, but there are also some Ayleid, Altmer, and Breton mummies.


Redguard Mummies
Armiger Rhina
King Haqmir
King Sameer
Maleel al-Akir
The Silent Sword
Ulbazar Thief-Lord
Yokeda Razul
Consecrated Archer
Consecrated Healer
Consecrated Knight
Consecrated Swordmaster
Consecrated Whirlwind
Exiled Guardian
Exiled Strongarm
Exiled Warrior
Ayleid Mummies
Skirar the Decaying
Talkynd's Mender
Ancient Blademaster
Ancient Fire Mage
Ancient Knight
Ancient Soldier
Ancient Warrior
Khajiit Mummies
King Hemakar
Mummy Archer
Mummy Berserker
Mummy Guardian
Mummy Stalker
Queen Numara
Other Mummies
Archmaster Siniel
Defiler Spirit