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Museums are a feature introduced in DLC zones. Each "museum" offers a list of associated tasks. These are essentially unmarked quests that require searching for numerous missing items that are considered to be part of a larger collection.

Wrothgar OR (Crown Store)[edit]

Hew's BaneTG (Crown Store)[edit]

Gold Coast DB (Crown Store)[edit]

Vvardenfell Morrowind[edit]

  • Library of Vivec — Collect plaque rubbings from ancestral tombs to assemble a miniature map of Vvardenfell.

Clockwork City Clockwork City (Crown Store)[edit]

Summerset Summerset[edit]

Murkmire Murkmire (Crown Store)[edit]

Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr[edit]

  • ON-icon-Museum.png House of Histories — Retrieve the 16 mural fragments stolen from the House of Histories.