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The music of The Elder Scrolls Online was composed by Brad Derrick and Rik Schaffer. Jeremy Soule, a long-time composer on Elder Scrolls games, worked on the original title theme. Malukah (Wikipedia), a Youtube musician who came to prominence with her rendition of Skyrim's "The Dragonborn Comes", was invited to write the music for (and perform some of) the bardic songs in the game, as well as the credits song.

The music of the game is themed, with particular pieces being tied to biome types, locations (both large and small), and moods. Zenimax wanted the music to be integral to the game environment, blending seamlessly with the other sounds around the player. Some songs from previous titles make a reappearance. Some have been reworked while others are only sampled.

The soundtrack is available as the Original Game Soundtrack, which contains all 47 tracks from the base game, and tracks from the DLC are released as volumes in a separate series of albums titled Music of Tamriel.

Original Game Soundtrack[edit]

Cover art of the Elder Scrolls Online soundtrack

The Original Game Soundtrack is available on iTunes for $15.99 USD and Amazon for $8.99 USD.


Track number Title Composer Length
01 For Blood, for Glory, for Honor Jeremy Soule 04:59
02 Moons of Evening Star Brad Derrick 5:32
03 The Three Banners: Fanfare Brad Derrick 1:39
04 Omens in the Clouds Brad Derrick 5:18
05 Echoes of Aldmeris Brad Derrick 0:55
06 Weapons Drawn Brad Derrick 1:47
07 Yearning for Moonshadow Brad Derrick 6:17
08 Lowering the Banners (Sundown) Brad Derrick 1:15
09 Dawn Gleams on Cyrodiil Brad Derrick 5:21
10 Rubble and Smoke Brad Derrick 0:55
11 Comrades in Arms Brad Derrick 1:21
12 Y'ffre in Every Leaf Brad Derrick 5:33
13 North from Riften Brad Derrick 1:28
14 Moth, Butterfly, And Torchbug Brad Derrick 5:42
15 Elegy for the Remans Brad Derrick 1:27
16 Oath of Malacath Brad Derrick 1:54
17 Whispers of the Ancestors Brad Derrick 5:05
18 Vestige of Hope Brad Derrick 1:29
19 Sands of the Alik'r Brad Derrick 5:26
20 Winged Twilight Brad Derrick 1:10
21 Imperial Legion Brad Derrick 1:28
22 Auridon Sunrise Brad Derrick 5:54
23 They Did Not Die in Vain Brad Derrick 1:26
24 Greenheart Brad Derrick 5:01
25 Tamriel Beleagured Brad Derrick 1:38
26 To Dance with Daedra Brad Derrick 1:39
27 The Towers Cast Long Shadows Brad Derrick 5:53
28 Horizons of Cyrodiil Brad Derrick 1:14
29 The Legacy of Lorkhan Brad Derrick 5:19
30 Arkay Watches Brad Derrick 1:24
31 Courage of Ordinary Mortals Brad Derrick 1:18
32 The Heart of Nirn Rik Schaffer 6:17
33 Soaring on Eagle's Wings Brad Derrick 1:30
34 Stendarr's Mercy Brad Derrick 5:20
35 Order of the Ancestor Moth Brad Derrick 1:05
36 Onslaught at the Gates Brad Derrick 2:04
37 Alas, The Dragon Shall Break Brad Derrick 6:15
38 The Keep Has Fallen Brad Derrick 1:40
39 Bruma Against the Jeralls Brad Derrick 5:46
40 We Honor the Slain Brad Derrick 1:02
41 Ruins of the Ayleids Brad Derrick 1:16
42 Anequina Beckons Brad Derrick 6:09
43 Northpoint Nocturne Rik Schaffer 5:27
44 Memories of Yokuda Lost Brad Derrick 5:38
45 Peril Upon the Sands Brad Derrick 1:08
46 Tides of the Abecean Sea Brad Derrick 5:38
47 Beauty of Dawn Malukah 3:31

Beauty of Dawn lyrics[edit]

A serpent lights the ancient sky
A threat of tainted stars
Evil stirs and in its wake
The souls of mortals sway

Sorrow reigns
Over fields of red
Spirits pace
Through the shadows cast by their graves

These are days and nights of venom and blood
Heroes will rise as the anchors fall
Brave the strife, reclaim every soul
That belongs to the Beauty of Dawn

Darkness strikes to blind the strong
But Faith will guide our swords
Loyal hearts we'll stand as one
And fight with shields of Hope

Pride fuels the deadly fire
That devours our tower of gold
The drums of war will rage and roar
'Til the sun burns bright once more

These are days and nights of venom and blood
Heroes will rise as the anchors fall
Brave the strife, reclaim every soul
That belongs to the Beauty of Dawn

Music of Tamriel, Vol. 1[edit]

Cover art of Music of Tamriel, Vol. 1

Music of Tamriel, Vol. 1 contains tracks from the Imperial City and Orsinium DLC. It is available on iTunes for $9.99 USD and Amazon for $8.99 USD.


Track number Title Composer Length
01 Battledrums Brad Derrick 1:09
02 Soul-Shriven in Cyrodiil Brad Derrick 9:10
03 Radiance and Glory Brad Derrick & Rik Schaffer 5:02
04 Flickering Shadows Brad Derrick 5:59
05 Somber Vistas Brad Derrick 6:22
06 Subterranean Emanation Brad Derrick 5:18
07 Restless, Tamriel Dreams Brad Derrick 6:51
08 Descend to the Vaults Brad Derrick 2:02
09 Voices in the Vaults Brad Derrick 6:01
10 The Breath of Kynareth Brad Derrick 6:36
11 Tombs Unremembered Brad Derrick 6:20
12 The Slopes of Sorrow Brad Derrick 6:39
13 Mists of Wrothgar Brad Derrick 5:35
14 Recollection of Wars Long Lost Brad Derrick & Rik Schaffer 7:08

ESO: Morrowind Original Game Soundtrack[edit]

Cover art

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (Original Game Soundtrack) is an album containing new musical arrangements that were created for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. A Land of War and Poetry was made available on Spotify on June 7, 2017. The full album was released on June 22, and is available on Spotify, on iTunes for $9.99, on Google Play for $9.49, and on Amazon for $8.99.

Track number Title Composer Length
01 A Land of War and Poetry (feat. Jeremy Soule) Brad Derrick 04:01
02 Magnus Smiles on Suran Brad Derrick 05:13
03 Vvardenfell Vista Brad Derrick 01:02
04 Ascadian Idyll Brad Derrick 04:57
05 Shadow of Baar Dau Brad Derrick 01:31
06 Azura's Coast Brad Derrick 05:43
07 The House of Troubles (feat. Jeremy Soule) Brad Derrick 06:08
08 Omens Prophecy Brad Derrick 01:19
09 Reverie of the Netchimen Brad Derrick 05:34
10 Schemes of the Anticipations Brad Derrick 01:33
11 Currents of the Odai Brad Derrick 05:12
12 Ancestral Tomb Brad Derrick 05:22
13 Telvanni Towers Brad Derrick 01:09
14 Grazelands Dawn (feat. Jeremy Soule) Brad Derrick 05:01

A Land of War and Poetry lyrics[edit]

The lyrics to A Land of War and Poetry were published on the official forums[1] as follows:

Lyrics, in Ald Chimeris..."Ald Chimeris" being the Elvish precursor tongue of the Dark Elves that's similar to Ayleidoon and descended from Ehlnofex. (Thanks to LoreMaster Lawrence Schick for that LoreMorsel.)
Resdayniil kan tarcel
Ghardooni ye fevel
Arcta nu malatanya
Vengha ehlnada-dra
Nu nu vane metanane
Lyrics, in English
Resdayn folk, dare resist
Invaders and weakness
We must face the truth of life
Venerate the god-ancestors
We chose for ourselves

Music of Tamriel, Vol. 2[edit]

Cover art of Music of Tamriel, Vol. 2

Music of Tamriel, Vol. 2 was released on January 12, 2018. It contains tracks from the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and Clockwork City DLC, as well as additional tracks such as new boss music. It is available on Spotify, on iTunes for $9.99 USD, Google Play for $9.49 USD, and Amazon for $8.99 USD.


Track number Title Composer Length
01 Landing at Abah's Brad Derrick 1:00
02 Hinterlands Brad Derrick 7:24
03 A World Made of Metal Brad Derrick 6:20
04 Gold Coast Horizon Brad Derrick 0:33
05 Anvil: Sun and Shadows Brad Derrick 5:25
06 Blood in the Foyada Brad Derrick 3:27
07 Dark Sanctuary Brad Derrick 6:39
08 The Brass Fortress Brad Derrick 5:24
09 Looks Peaceful Enough Brad Derrick 7:03
10 Midnight in Shadow Cleft Brad Derrick 6:28
11 Sojourn in Kvatch Brad Derrick 4:55
12 Stealing Sunrise Brad Derrick 1:20
13 So Many Pockets, So Little Time Brad Derrick 7:06
14 Sanctioned Murder Brad Derrick 3:01
15 Where Dreams Become Nightmares Brad Derrick 6:16
16 Glimmers on the Brazen Horizon Brad Derrick 5:54
17 A Land Burdened with History Brad Derrick 6:39
18 Malfunction in the Ventral Terminus Brad Derrick 7:29
19 I Dreamt of Akos Kasaz Brad Derrick 1:18
20 Reverie: Sand and Stone Brad Derrick 6:11
21 Hope Just out of Reach Brad Derrick 4:34
22 The Order of the Hour Brad Derrick 5:00
23 All History Is Vengeance Brad Derrick 3:14
24 Drums, Murmurs, and Lamentations Brad Derrick 6:02
25 Fanfare in Colovia Brad Derrick 0:57
26 The Blessings of Morwha Brad Derrick 6:19
27 The Sky Wheels Slowly Spin Brad Derrick 6:30
28 Delving the Bane Brad Derrick 6:58
29 The Long Memory of Minotaurs Brad Derrick 4:51
30 Back Alleys and Bad Intentions Brad Derrick 1:01
31 Port of Thieves Brad Derrick & Rik Schaffer 7:27
32 Granite and Ashes Brad Derrick 3:15
33 Tonal Architecture Brad Derrick 6:26
34 Pensive Meditation, with Pirates Brad Derrick 7:40
35 Glory of Dawn's Beauty Brad Derrick 1:04
36 A Cold Wind Blows from Atmora Brad Derrick & Rik Schaffer 7:40

ESO: Summerset Original Game Soundtrack[edit]

Cover art

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (Original Game Soundtrack) is an album containing new musical arrangements that were created for The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset, as well as the track used in the E3 2018 trailer. The album was released on August 11, 2018, and is available on Spotify, on iTunes for $9.99, on Google Play for $9.49, and on Amazon for $8.99.

Track number Title Composer Length
01 Even Paradise Has Shadows Brad Derrick & Jeremy Soule 4:06
02 Sun-Blessed Alinor Brad Derrick 1:06
03 Gryphons Soar in the Sun Brad Derrick 5:38
04 Dusk Song of the High Elves Brad Derrick 6:34
05 Here Be Wonders Brad Derrick 0:46
06 Masque of Reveries Brad Derrick 6:11
07 Isles of the Starry Dream Brad Derrick 6:16
08 From Abysses Below and Beyond Brad Derrick 3:09
09 Spires Rise to the Sky Brad Derrick 0:55
10 Starlight on Eton Nir Brad Derrick 4:59
11 The Lullaby of Praxis Brad Derrick 6:10
12 The Glory of Certainty Brad Derrick 0:53
13 Past Defines the Future Brad Derrick 5:53
14 Three Hearts Afire ZWEI & Malukah 3:21

New Arrangements[edit]

Similarly to previous games, while most of the soundtrack is new, a few of the tracks contain motifs that have appeared in the earlier games.

  • "For Blood, for Glory, for Honor" is the newest version of the Elder Scrolls theme, which appeared as "Call of Magic"/"Nerevar Rising" in Morrowind, "Reign of the Septims" in Oblivion, and "Dragonborn" in Skyrim. Soule referred to this version of it as "part theme, part atmosphere". [2]
  • Much of the first half of "Omens in the Clouds" - such as the melody right at the start of the song - features a slowed-down version of the melody in Arena's theme.
  • "Moth, Butterfly, and Torchbug" contains a motif from the beginning of "King and Country" from Oblivion. It appears at 4:26 in "Moth, Butterfly, and Torchbug".
  • "Greenheart" has a section with the tune from the beginning of "Watchman's Ease" from Oblivion, starting at 3:26 in "Greenheart".
  • "Tides of the Abecean Sea" has a motif that originally appeared in Oblivion's "Reign of the Septims" (at 0:26), and then in Skyrim's "Unbroken Road" (at 0:58). It can be heard in "Tides of the Abecean Sea" at 4:03.
  • "The Legacy of Lorkhan" contains a motif which originally appeared in Morrowind's "Separation/Blessing of Vivec". It can be heard in "The Legacy of Lorkhan" around 0:40.
  • Although "(feat. Jeremy Soule)" is not present in the title of the "Azura's Coast" Morrowind chapter track, it does contain a motif from Morrowind's "Peace At Last/Peaceful Waters" at 1:59.
  • "Grazelands Dawn" contains a motif from Morrowind's Main Theme/The Road Most Travelled


Zenimax has made two of Malukah's songs available for free download on the Elder Scrolls Online official site:

Three Hearts As One, a bardic performance (download)
Beauty of Dawn (download)


  • The "(feat. Jeremy Soule)" notes in the titles of some of the Morrowind tracks refers to the fact that they contain strong motifs from the original TESIII: Morrowind soundtrack; Soule did not work on them. [3]


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