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ON-icon-skill-Green Balance-Nature's Grasp.png Nature's Grasp
Line Green Balance
Line Rank 42 Cost 4051 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration 10 seconds
Range 28 meters
Morph ON-icon-skill-Green Balance-Bursting Vines.png Bursting Vines
Travel faster, heals instantly, restores more ultimate.
ON-icon-skill-Green Balance-Nature's Embrace.png Nature's Embrace
Heals both you and the ally.
Nature's Grasp: Launch a vine to swing yourself to an ally, healing them for [20298 / 20520 / 20749 / 20984] Health over 10 seconds. Gain 3 ultimate when this effect completes if you are in combat.
Bursting Vines: Launch a vine to swing yourself to an ally, instantly healing them for [8456 / 8550 / 8642 / 8734] Health. Gain 10 ultimate when healing an ally under 60% health while you are in combat. Cooldown on this effect is 4 seconds.
Nature's Embrace: Launch a vine to swing yourself to an ally, healing you and them for [20937 / 21181 / 21401 / 21646] Health over 10 seconds. Gain 3 ultimate when each of these effects complete if you are in combat.

Nature's Grasp causes you to teleport to an ally, restoring their Health over time. This allows you to use your other short-range healing abilities more effectively. The spell is built for dedicated healers, and is less effective in solo play, as you need an ally to jump to in order to cast it. However, you can use it along with Feral Guardian[verification needed — see talk page]. Bursting Vines significantly reduces the healing given, but cause it to occur instantly instead of over time, while Nature's Embrace will also heal you as well as your target.


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