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Location Tanzelwil
Tower of the Vale - Despair
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Nuulehtel is an Altmer member of Queen Ayrenn's entourage and her Herald. He is recording the Queen's travels, as he will inform you when met near Tanzelwil.

Later on, he will be one of the group captured by a mad mage and forced to participate in his experiments involving emotion.

Related Quests[edit]


"Just jotting this stop down for posterity. Ahem. "The Queen was a stickler for tradition, and would not eschew the dead."
No, that doesn't sound good at all."

Depths of Madness[edit]

Inside the icy illusion Sanessalmo created, he can be heard calling, "Help me! Please!" When you find him, he will be being pelted with rain and snow in his small alcove.

"It's so cold. Can barely move. Never get out of here.
Not sure I want to."
Why don't you want to leave?
"It's got to be colder. Out there. Than it is in here.
Please, build us a fire. Warm us up, and we can go."
What should I use to build the fire?
"I brought a few things in with me. Oil. Some flint and tinder. And I think I saw a pile of straw somewhere while I was wandering around.
Just. Hurry."

Once you find the materials, you can light a fire nearby. Nuulhtel will come out to warm himself, saying, "Ah, it's so warm. Never thought I'd feel warmth again."

"You were right, it's so much warmer out here. The cold in there. Terrible!"
Are you feeling better?
"Yes. Yes, I am. Thank you. I just couldn't take that first step. I felt safer freezing to death than I did trying to leave the cave.
Damned but the mind is a strange thing."
I have a teleportation scroll here. Take it, and get yourself warmed up.
"Your kindness shall be remembered. Until we speak again."