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Oracle Marieve
Location Bewan
The Spiral Skein
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Beldama Wyrd
Oracle Marieve in the gardens at Skywatch

Oracle Marieve is a Breton Oracle of the Wyrd who has gained renown outside of the sisterhood for her prognostications, recently having accurately predicted the deaths of Kings Folbert and Tamlien.

A loner by nature, she started experiencing visions at a young age and possesses the unusual ability to not only see into possible futures but glimpse into other realms as well—which has made her very useful to the Psijic Order. Vanus Galerion explains that her prophecies tend to be loquacious and possess a haunting beauty to them, although one that causes even the Great Mage to feel uneasy is spoken about the ongoing Daedric plot in an unusual terseness.

Vanus Galerion asks you to look for her on his behalf, as she hasn't been responding to any of his projections following that prediction. After fleeing her own campsite, she moved to an old Wyrd site in the Mines of Khuras. She was captured by Viscount Lelorion, an Altmer cultist of Mephala, although not before she was able to prepare a ritual that would summon a projection of her should anyone perform it.

Using that projection Marieve tells you that she is being transported to Bewan. Viscount Lelorion transports her to Mephala's realm of the The Spiral Skein where Mephala plans to use her to reveal the location of Artaeum for her own nefarious ends. Indeed, she sees visions of a world where the Summerset Isles and Artaeum are ensnared in webs. She is saved before that can transpire and escapes through a portal to Skywatch.

After the quest has been completed she will remain in the gardens until you leave the area whereupon she disappears from the game.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

"Time is short ... the dark princes have almost achieved their goal ... you must help me ..."

Upon completing the ritual in the mines she will call out "Master Vanus, is that you?"

Talking to her then progresses the quest:

"You! You're the one I saw in my vision! I knew you'd be able to puzzle out my clues!
But listen, I haven't much time..."
Where are you?
"The chaos-bringers, they caught me. They're taking me to an Ayleid ruin, somewhere in Auridon. Bewan, I think they said.
Look, they'll be back soon. I have to tell you about my vision! It concerns Summerset... and Artaeum ..."
Summerset? Artaeum? What are you talking about?
"Summerset, the green and pleasant island of the High Elves. Artaeum, the vanished home of the Psijic Order. Both are caught in a dark and terrible web. I saw it!
My visions. They aided the Psijics in the past. Now... others seem interested."
Who are these others?
"Servants of the dark princes... they want to use my gift, get me to reveal the location of Artaeum... you need to help me! Bewan. They're taking me to–
Oh no. They're coming back..."
I'll find you at Bewan.

As the projection wanes she yells out "Hurry! Remember, Bewan–!"

When you've defeated the Viscount she beckons you over with "You, from my vision, come speak to me!"

"Time is short... the dark princes have almost achieved their goal... you must help me..."
I don't understand. What are they doing to you?
"Mephala believes... she can reach Artaeum... through me...
These bindings... you must find a way... to break them..."
How do I break the bindings?
"Mephala's magic... infuses the webs that bind me..
Defeat the weavers and break the pinions... then destroy the center fulcrum... that secures me to this place..."

After killing the weavers:

"Hurry, destroy the center fulcrum!"
"I can use... the residual magicka... to open a portal..."
"Vanus always said... I should visit Skywatch one day..."

Once you're in Skywatch she will say "I didn't get a chance to thank you for what you did for me."

"Even though I sometimes see far-away places and future events, nothing can ever be truly certain. I knew you were coming to rescue me, but that didn't alleviate my fear. I thought I was going to die in Mephala's realm.
Thank you."
Can you explain what they were doing to you back there?
"As an oracle, I can connect with other times, other places. I sometimes use that ability to converse with the Psijic Ritemaster. To keep him informed of events on Nirn.
Mephala's agents tried to use that connection to locate the hidden island."
Did they succeed?
"No. You arrived in time to stop them. But it was a close thing. The portal was nearly attuned to Artaeum's location when you set me free.
And once again the visions that haunt me came to pass."
Where is Artaeum exactly?
"I have no idea. Just because I can sense the island and reach out to communicate with the Ritemaster doesn't mean I actually understand the magic they use. I'm a Wyress, not a Psijic.
It's... somewhere else. That's all I really know."
And what about the rest of your vision?
"Oh, everything I saw remains true. The dark princes continue to circle Summerset like vultures around carrion. And they still crave Artaeum and its secrets.
Your presence will play a pivotal role in the outcome. Good luck, my friend."
I visited Artaeum and met the Ritemaster.
"As I knew you would. Many of my visions flow in your direction, my friend. May your heart remain strong and ready for every challenge that awaits you."