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Phrastus of Elinhir
(lore page)
Location Imperial Sewers
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Phrastus of Elinhir
The old rivals

Phrastus of Elinhir is a renowned Imperial scholar found inside the Imperial Sewers. He is the author of multiple books. You will find him standing in your Alliance Base together with his scholarly rival Lady Cinnabar.


Phrastus will not spare his opinion about Lady Cinnabar, telling you:

"Pay no attention to the Shrew of Taneth. She'll say the Tel Var stones are "key to locking away the Daedra." Why not ask the good Lady Cinnabar how much she plans to charge for each key? More than her horrid books, I'd wager."
What do you know about Tel Var stones?
"Chips of the White-Gold Tower. Ayleids who built it couldn't recreate their own Zero Stone, so they settled for Tel Var.
The Daedra infesting these sewers are tap-tap-tapping away at it. Weaken it enough … and pop, shlorp, no more Mundus."
What do you mean, "no more Mundus?"
"Tap-tap-tap, go the Daedra. Pop, goes the White-Gold Tower. Shlorp, goes everything you know, mashed like a cheese wheel through a pinhole, back into Oblivion.
That's how I'd describe it to children."
What should be done with the Tel Var stones?
"Bring them here. When the Daedra are driven from the city, we will use our hoarded Tel Var stones to repair the damage.
Unless Cinnabar gets her way. She'll sell them at market stalls while Creation unfastens itself. Short-sighted cretin."
Wait, what's a Zero Stone?
"A sign that you should read more."
Wait, you're Phrastus of Elinhir? I've read your books. / Wait, Phrastus of Elinhir? I've read your books.
I prefer Lady Cinnabar's books.
"Yes, I also find the pages of her books are softer and more absorbent.
Good day."
They're superior to Lady Cinnabar's work.
"Great Phrastus, I find your books far superior to a festering boil on a troll's wangle.
Good day."