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Battlegrounds are small-scale player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay that originally launched with the Morrowind chapter of ESO, but are now available to all players. Each battleground features a three-sided team setup with four players in each team, and you are able to queue up individually or in pre-formed groups. At launch, there were three battleground maps — a Foyada, a Dwemer ruin and a Daedric ruin — and three game types: Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Domination — but more were added in later updates. Battlegrounds feature leaderboards and have their own unique item set rewards.

Unlike in Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds are not Alliance-based. Instead, players can fight for the Fire Drakes (Orange), Pit Daemons (Green), or Storm Lords (Purple). Your team is assigned randomly on entering each Battleground.


ON-icon-Fire Drakes.png ON-icon-Pit Daemons.png ON-icon-Storm Lords.png
Fire Drakes Pit Daemons Storm Lords

Game Modes[edit]

Battlegrounds are divided intro three types, each with separate leaderboards:

  • Deathmatch: Find and kill enemy players to earn points for your team.
  • Flag Games:
    • Capture the Relic: Capture the enemies' relics and return them to your base.
    • Chaosball: Pick up and try to hold a ball which gives points but deals increasingly serious damage over time.
  • Land Grab:
    • Crazy King: Capture and try to hold capture points that will regularly move to different locations on the map.
    • Domination: Capture and hold sites across the map, continually earning points based on locations held.



As you participate in matches, you will earn points and medals based on the game mode. Points are earned for completing the game mode's primary objectives: killing enemies, capturing flags, defending locations, and holding the chaosball. Medals are earned for unique feats related to the game mode, including dealing damage, healing allies, performing kill streaks, capturing or defending flags, healing flag carriers, and taking damage.

Your points and medals contribute to your final rewards, including Alliance Points, Experience, and items, as well as your position on the battleground leaderboards. The top players on the leaderboards will receive additional rewards at the end of the week.

Alliance Point Reward Tiers

First Place - 12000+ AP + an extra champion reward through mail.

Second Place - 10000+ AP

Third Place - 7250+ AP

Next to the weekly leaderboard rewards they also give out daily random battlegrounds rewards


Premium battlegrounds Supplies Battlegrounds Supplies
Transmutation Geode
Battlegrounds daily recompense
Random battlegrounds set item piece
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Introductory Quest[edit]

  • For Glory: Prove yourself in a Battleground competition.

Repeatable Quests[edit]


  • A prototype battleground called Colovian Crossing, which featured a single, central capture point, was playable at many gaming conventions in 2014 and 2015.
  • The Repeatable Quests appear to be collectively repeatable as a group, not individually. You need to complete an open quest of this type before you can receive another from Battlemaster Rivyn.[verification needed — are the quests daily repeatable or immediately repeatable?]


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