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Prove you are truly Undaunted by clearing the Vaults of Madness.
Zone: Coldharbour
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Glirion the Redbeard at the Enclave Elden RootWayrestMournhold
Location(s): Vaults of Madness
Prerequisite Quest: Taking the Undaunted Pledge
Reward: Undaunted Key
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 5309
Required Level: 50
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Vaults of Madness
Glirion the Redbeard of the Undaunted has challenged me to explore the Vaults of Madness, a dark labyrinth at the heart of Coldharbour.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Kill Ulguna Soul-Reaver.
  2. Kill Grothdarr.
  3. Kill Iskra the Omen.
  4. Kill the Mad Architect.
    VeteranYou can only complete the Death Challenge in Veteran Mode.
    • Defeat the Mad Architect after reading the Scroll of Glorious Battle.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Speak to Glirion the Redbeard to get the details of this quest.

What's the pledge today?
"The Vaults of Madness. Misshapen as its creator's mind. Filled with the horrors of Oblivion. Only eternal torment awaits any who would enter. Does that entice you?"
And if I can handle more?
"The Mad Architect is the only mortal to make pacts with multiple Daedric Princes. Your sanity would shatter merely looking upon him. If you wish to dive headlong in to madness, you have only invoke the Scroll of Glorious Battle and meet the maker."
I pledge to explore the Vaults of Madness and return Undaunted.

Travel to the Vaults of Madness and defeat Ulguna Soul-Reaver, Grothdarr, Iskra the Omen and the Mad Architect. You do not have to kill the minibosses to finish the pledge. More details can be found on the page itself.

Once complete, return to Glirion the Redbeard to claim your reward.

"You do not howl, or claw at your face. Is it possible you bested the Vaults of Madness Undaunted."
I'm sane, and the Architect is dead.
"You have impressed me. To travel beyond Nirn. Best a menagerie of the foulest Daedra. Lost no part of yourself in the struggle. This is what it means to be Undaunted."
You honor me, Glirion.
Condition Dialogue
Hard Mode completed "I envy your fortitude. That is not a compliment I share with any other of our lot. I am Undaunted, but not unscarred. I hope you will remain the indomitable model of our peers.
Take your due and hope that dawn is the only thing to break tomorrow."
Hard Mode not completed "I am glad you are sane enough still to appreciate the victory.

Take your key and your cut. Drown any nightmares in rich drink and good company. Approach the new dawn with renewed verve and seek me again."

Quest Stages[edit]

Pledge: Vaults of Madness
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To be truly Undaunted, I must explore the Vaults of Madness and destroy Ulguna Soul-Reaver, Grothdarr, Iskra the Omen, and the Mad Architect.
Objective: Kill Ulguna Soul-Reaver
Objective: Kill Grothdarr
Objective: Kill Iskra the Omen
Objective: Kill the Mad Architect
☑Finishes quest I've cleared the maze called the Vaults of Madness. I should find Glirion the Redbeard in my alliance's capital city.
Objective: Return to Glirion the Redbeard
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