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Priestess Langwe
Location Tanzelwil
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Priestess Langwe

Priestess Langwe is an Altmer priestess tasked with keeping the ruins of the ancient burial ground Tanzelwil safe for pilgrims.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Corruption Stones[edit]

When approached near Tanzelwil, Langwe will caution:

"Careful, don't get too close to the stone! It appears to be emanating dark necromantic energies."
What is that thing?
"I'm not entirely certain. But it does look menacing, doesn't it?
These stones appeared overnight, at key locations throughout the ruins. It's no coincidence that the ancestral spirits went mad that very day. I'm certain there's a connection."
It certainly doesn't look natural.
"No, it doesn't, does it? There are dark forces at work here.
I have a powerful Altmer Holy Symbol used for blessings at this site. I thought I might try using it on the stone, but I'm afraid I haven't the nerve. Would you be willing to try it?"
Leave it to me.

If you talk to her again before destroying the stones, she says, "Be strong. The fate of our ancestors' eternal souls rests in your hands now."

After you try out the Holy Symbol on the nearby stone and see the results, return to Langwe for her reaction:

"My gods, it worked! You've destroyed the stone!"
What should I do with your Holy Symbol?
"Keep it, for the time being. You may need it. If any more of those stones turn up, I'll find you. In the meantime, I should inform the Queen of our progress."

If spoken to directly afterwards, she will tell you, "Search the area for more of the stones and destroy them. Ancestral spirits usually don't try to kill their living descendants."

After you have destroyed the four corruption stones around the ruins, you can meet Langwe at the entrance to the Tanzelwil catacombs where the final stone will be.

"What fascinating artifacts these stones are. I wonder where they came from?"
Do you want your Holy Symbol back?
"Not until the last of the stones has been destroyed. Only one remains, as far as I can tell."

Once the final stone is destroyed, there will be a flash of white light and when you talk to Langwe, she will note the difference.

"Something's happened. The spirits appear to be growing docile again."
What do you mean?
"You've done it! The madness has left them, and the Ancestral Spirits are at peace.
I can still sense residual necromantic energy, so be careful. The stones were powerful. We may feel their influence for some time to come."

This completes the quest and you receive the Monastic Slippers.

Speaking to her further after completing the quest will yield a cautionary note: "The ancestral spirits appear to be at rest, but we've no way at knowing if the necromantic energy has dissipated completely. Tread carefully."